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A live frankenstein machine for ambient shows maybe?

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2.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
September 02, 2008
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


updated for Reaktor 6.
This is another CPU eating beast from my live collection. Nice for making some glitchy grainy ambience. Load your own samples and away you go! (though I have left a lot of the original L3 and grainstates sounds intact for this library version)
Thanks go to everyone who made all the parts Zobel, Lazyfish, rachmiel, James Walker-Hall, Martin brinkman, etc. - the usual suspects.
Peace and I hope you can at least have fun playing around with this.

Use the play button on this to stop the drums and freeze (sort of) the drone pad...


Alec Fellman
11 months ago
Hi, is there any manual for this? I have so many questions.
fabrice segura
8 years ago
fantastic... like future sound of london sound
Gogu Iulian
9 years ago
fantastic tool
John Leach
11 years ago
jason pottorff
12 years ago
Thanks, Mark! Glad you are having some fun with it.
Mark Harris
12 years ago
fantastic.... been playing with this for toooo long and ended up late for work!