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Use Beetle Species to Create Insect Infected Soundscapes.

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1.2 (Updated 11 years ago)
November 28, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Different Species of Beetles are available to perform work. Each Specie produces a unique sound while working. Users can further modulate the Beetle performance by changing the Activity, Age and amount of Work the Beetle can produce. The Environment can also have an Effect on Beetle Performance. Such as Wind, Sun and Rain. The Impact and Levels of these Elements are also user controlled. The complete Life Cycle of the Beetles can be fully Automated for endless soundscapes. Automation rate is user selectable and Randomized to a clock sync.


Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Something different. For the aesenal of variation. Thanks.
sohrab motabar
10 years ago
OOOOOKHHHiii Very Confusing for me, but I am a beginner Thanks
Preston Parish
11 years ago
bug poop and everything! creative, nice job.
Shai Levy
11 years ago
this thing sounds amazing
James Duffett-Smith
11 years ago
this is really cool!
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
9 points just for graphic UI. Very clever and fun.
ned Bouhalassa
11 years ago
I think it's simply brilliant. Try setting the Work parameter to something really small at first, to get used to the individual insect sounds. 10/10, easily. More, please!
Keith Adams
11 years ago
This is a set and forget module, you can fine tune if needed, but it was mainly designed as a random sound generator, I wanted aggressive sounds , but not straight it could fit in with drone or ambient type music a little better, Changing the environments will slightly randomize the settings, it is such a wash of effects that the results are more apparent over a time period, since it was designed to slowly modulate over time for drone, same with the lifecycle every stage of the beetle marked by a red light sends a gate to the slow randomizer's so they can take their course over time, not like using snaps which is a hard change. This module is mainly good for making short loops to import into other sound generators that are sample based. the pretty pictures are just there to make it look cool...the colored squares do nothing to the audio, they show with color change some of the modulation when it occurs.
Oliver Saherwala
11 years ago
Very interesting. I don't fully understand at the moment how it works. Could you please explain the enviroments-modul more detailed ? What about the coloured fields ? What the differents between the pictures shown according to the sound ? Thank you for the upload.