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Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis Normalized Durations

A fixed-pitch version of Xenakis' Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis Gendyn oscillator

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March 19, 2009
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This is a demo ensemble for a fixed-pitch version of Xenakis' Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis (Gendyn) oscillator. This has been sitting around for a while on my computer, but Leon Spek's DSS upload inspired me to upload this.

Thanks to Gabriel Mulzer for suggestions.

This demo ensemble uses components from Gabriel and NI. The original and interesting thing is the oscillator. Feel free to make a better synth out of it.


Mark McDonald
12 years ago
"Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis Normalized Durations" Or "shut up and listen"
Gerald List
12 years ago
Very nice ! The closest emulation of a bee flying along a window pane I´ve ever heard ;-)
rainer Ehrenberg
12 years ago
Brachiale Präsenz, muchas gracias
Jonathan Style
12 years ago
Exciting to see two instruments working with the same concept each with their own approach and method of programming all in one weeks time! A very good week.
Dieter Zobel
12 years ago