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Tesla " Singing Arc"

Emulation of a Musical Tesla Coil

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6.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
June 16, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


A new trend for coilers is to build Solid State Tesla Coil Drivers. Using Switched transistors or mosfets in place of the spark or rotary gap. Using a solid state driver opens up a great way to Pulse Width Modulate the coil. If a Audio Source is used as a modulation source the Tesla Coils sparks will actual reproduce an Audio Signal.Which is often called a "Singing Arc" or a "Musical Tesla Coil". Something like a gritty plasma speaker or lighting bolt synth (if their was such a thing)
This is a emulation with full midi pitch range, Amp, Filter and Filter Envelope. Helpful if you don't wanna break the bank building a real one, or killing your cat with high voltage. Recent updates include volume fix and game music demo.Plus 31 Snapshots created by sound designer Bernd Keil.


Declan Purcell
10 years ago
Thanks, great stuff. Also thanks for the included samples.
Oliver Saherwala
10 years ago
Cool idea, thanks for that
josh hinden
10 years ago
Keith Adams
10 years ago
All good now fixed master volume, if yah wanna see a real is a well know vid from 2007, or just search google for musical tesla coil if the link don't show.
Keith Adams
10 years ago
Careful at first strike the master volume is up full blast, forgot to mention that the module includes samples from a actual coil.