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Monster Delay Unit

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1.5 (Updated 7 years ago)
February 22, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


BucketZILLA is a development of 'the revenge of bucket boy'.

* extra read head
* better handling of input vs feedback
* self oscillation
* dynamic (user controlled) Oversampling
* improved audio quality at higher frequencies
* morphing memories
* improved (though unfinished) GUI

* soft takover midi proxy knobs on B panel

Any questions or suggestions, please post a comment... just post one anyway, feedback is good :)

Thanks to CList, herw and cookiemonster for working out how to overclock reaktor.

1.3.1 fixed a problem where this wouldn't work as a vst effect (at least in Orion).

1.4 fixed 'can't recall last mem' bug; fixed bug on reset by reaktor switch etc.; improved cpu efficiency; fixed bug where knobs move when smooth is changed.

1.5 more bug fixing - all related to panel/snap reset issues. It 'should' be working properly now. Please report any odd behavior you encounter.



Kevin Cattermoul
2 years ago
Hey you updated it?
Colin Brown
3 years ago
New version of Echo Grease will be along soon. It should cover all the bases. Better sound quality (fixed some bugs), LFO modulation, and optional longer delays to match BucketZILLA. Only thing missing are the preset memories - are they a must have feature?
Jeppe Riddervold
3 years ago
Hi. Great delay! Im trying got add an LFO to modulate the "rate", but I'm having a hard time finding out where to actually inject the lfo. If i add it "T" in the macro, i get a loud click right away and then no audio is passed through the delay. Oddly if i disconnect what is connected to "T" and put in a knob i can turn the rate up/down and by connecting a LFO i can see the yellow indicator on the gui going up/down according to the LFO, but as i said before - i just get a loud click and then no audio through. Thanks again!:
Raj Bobby RK
3 years ago
Very nice. Thanks for sharing
Jonas Obermueller
4 years ago
incredible effect! exactly what I was looking for
Peter Brown
5 years ago
great effect. thank you for this!
John Stephenson
5 years ago
Very Very nice addition to the other instruments posted!
Colin Brown
6 years ago
Yeah, it's a non-skin really. The only reason it doesn't use default graphics is because I felt I needed a way to show both the instant movement of controls and the speed that the system reacted to those movements (the yellow indicators). That required some custom graphics for the knobs. It's all about the sound really anyway :)
V. G.
6 years ago
I gave it 10 because It sounds beautiful but I fear it may be overlooked by some because of the lazy skin and ugly layout. This one deserves the attention of a skilled graphic artists.
francois elie
7 years ago
exellent ensemble !!! big thanks !
Andrew Gorbachev
7 years ago
Thank You. Wonderful
Dieter Zobel
7 years ago
sounds very warm. much thanks
Jesse Voccia
7 years ago
Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! The midi mapping works perfectly. This is a lot more fun now. Beautiful Effect!!!!!
Colin Brown
7 years ago
Hi Jesse, I've added some proxy knobs on the B panel. Please test this feature - I don't have a hardware control surface to test with. The 'soft takeover' is coded in (some tricky logic in there), so don't use the checkbox in the knobs properties dialog (or the incremental one for that matter).
Jesse Voccia
7 years ago
Very useful and fun effect. Nice work. I have been sitting here playing with BucketZILLA for about an hour totally hypnotized with Sinebeats running through it. Very nice work, it sounds great. The only thing I would wish for here is that all of the dials could be mapped to a midi controller. I like using dials and sliders instead of the mouse. Is it possible to use midi control of these multipicture displays? Would a scheme like an invisible knob or something only appearing on panel B linked to the multipicture control work? Great post regardless. Look forward to your next post.