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Bit Designer

Advanced Digital Manipulation.

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
May 08, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Distortion


Inspired by OTO Machines' Biscuit, I started designing this device. It is a rather extreme distortion based on manipulating digital audio data.

No presets are provided except an initialization setting to help you return to normality.

A manual is provided to explain the device and there is help-text with the controls in the ensemble.

Warning: contains swearing.

Thanks to Matt for his advice with Core.
Knob Skins were taken from the Ez-FFT modules.



Robin Parmar
4 years ago
Exactly what I was looking for. This is genius.
Candle Nine
6 years ago
Such an incredible device!
Felix Zoepf
8 years ago
cool! Danke!
Jason Chatzilias
8 years ago
this is one of my favorite ever ensembles.
Dennis Harms
10 years ago
Awesome! Thanks for the upload!
Nathaniel Chambers
10 years ago
great stuff!
Jeanne Corbeil
10 years ago
Julian Levy
10 years ago
love this
Miles Davies
10 years ago
Nice ensemble. Thanks
Jenkins Jenkins
11 years ago
WOO! It's great to see people thinking outside the box and creating new, interesting, and very usable ensembles! CHEERS!
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
HMM. I think I read the manual.
Al Watson
11 years ago
hot damn dood - this is frikkin great!
Dieter Zobel
11 years ago
fantastisch, vielen dank