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Li'l Killer

A little creature with big teeth.

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1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 16, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Distortion


This was a little distortion tool I made for myself some time ago. I decided to polish it a little and offer it to the masses. It was also an exercise in simplified control design (each algorithm has only two controls).

It borrows much in layout from a standard Guitar Amp, but with selectable distortion algorithms.

The Pre-Filter is a DJ-style filter. Turning to the left makes it act like a lowpass, turning right makes it act like a highpass.

Included distortion types:
- Digital LoFi
- Saturation
- Hard Clipping
- Noise Shaper
- Sine Shaper
- Mathematix


---UPDATE v1.1---
Bug Fix - Saturater in Stereo version fixed.


Darren Meadows
6 years ago
Lovely little unit, thanks
Jaime Velasco
8 years ago
Enjoying it a lot, thank you!
william conde'
9 years ago
come si installano ? grazie
Rogerio Romao
9 years ago
I like this, thank you!!
howard longlegz
9 years ago
man,this is such a musical thing. Thx,you made my day sir.its a 10 to me.
Adam Hanley
9 years ago
Thanks for catching that, Jim. The bug has been fixed in the 1.1 update.
9 years ago
Nice upload. But you need to make the multiply macro in the Saturater to polyphonic.