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Metaphysical Function stereo v1.3 for Kore 2

Stereo Metaphysical Function for Kore 2

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3.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
October 28, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is just the same Stereo Metaphysical Function that has been uploaded already by Simon Stockhausen and then Jim Hurley but the automation wasn't working in Kore 2 - this version has the most useful automation params enabled for Kore 2 and also comes with a Kore template for Kore 2 adding extra levels of control over the sound and several example patches based on MF Eternity by Simon but with 8 variations that can be morphed. The idea is to add an interactive and performance element to MF rather than it just being something to listen and chill out to. More KoreSounds to come but this is partly to test if it works. I have removed the MF Eternity snaps and sample map from this upload for obvious reasons so you will need to purchase them from Simon's site separately.


8 years ago
Thank you so much! I really like Metaphysical Function!
pascual mickael
9 years ago
Thank you very much
JPaul Morton
10 years ago
Nice work. Using it now with Simons beautiful ensemble and some Kore effect packs
Stephen Wey
10 years ago
Sorry but somehow there are files in this zip I did not put in it. Please ignore everything that is not in the subfolder "Metaphysical Function Stereo for Kore 2" as they are all earlier versions and it even has Simon's MF version in there even though it was not in the zip I uploaded so I have no idea how that happened!
Stephen Wey
10 years ago
I've updated the Zip to add some more KoreSounds and also some people were having problems with the ens opening muted so I've fixed that too. A few people have reported crashes loading the map within Kore so assemble it in Reaktor first and save the ensemble - then load in Kore: 1) Load the ensemble I uploaded to the user library into Reaktor - it will still complain about not finding the wav files but hopefully dismissing them won't lead to a crash (it does this with Simon's version too but I didn't have any crashes) 3) Load Simon's sample map file by doubleclicking on the sample window in the ensemble and using the menu that will appear in the sample mapper. 4) Load the snapshots file (ssf) using the dialogue in the snapshots tab 5) Save the Reaktor ensemble to a location of your choice 6) Then open the template ksd, it will ask for the correct ensemble so load that then resave the ksd. 7) You might need to repeat step 6 for the other KoreSounds too
Stephen Wey
10 years ago
Just some instructions for loading the KoreSounds, sample map etc: I would use the load sound dialogue initially to load the template (Kore File menu). It will possibly open a blank Reaktor initially as pathways will be different on your system. In Reaktor open the MF ensemble from the user lib and load it up with Simon's sample map and snapshots then resave that to a place of your choosing, then resave (save as) the Koretemplate to where you want to keep it. After that you can either load and save as the others ksd's (you shouldn't have to do the other bits again) or put then in your user sounds folder and rescan the user folder (in Kore options) It's a bit more complicated than usual as I can't include the snaps and samples with them for obvious reasons and I don't know what file locations you will use in advance.
Olaf Bubel
10 years ago
Big Thx Stefen Wey, one of my vavorite Ensembles, now with kore 2 template. I was wondering, if i used the original, in kore 2 first time why the automation wasn't working? Your rework are realy helpfully for kore2 users Amaising!!! Thank you very much.