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Some Filters / FilterTool

Some scientific filters and a visualization of the Gain / Phase behaviour

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2.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
August 14, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


Basic scientific filters with included transferfunction calculation (removable)

version 2: complete rebuild

filtertypes: Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev Type I

2,4,6,8,12 pole (doubled to 4,8,12,16,24 in bandpass/ bandstop form). calcs all parameters except for the Besselform (included zerotable up to order 12).

performs "true" transformations from lowpass to highpass/bandpass/bandstop now

transferfunction-visualization: gain, phase, dewrapped phase, phasedelay and groupdelay. linked to the ezfft-analyzer

original vs. filtered scope


Massimiliano Bucci
7 years ago
Modulation of a sound wave, easy to use but to create a good effect you have to work a bit on.
michael o'hagan
8 years ago
Hello, these are amazing, Thank you very much. I only have 1 issue. I am adding these into a multi filter macro with a vowell filter and a few others. these other filters measure between 20 and 140 (Reaktor multifilter standard macro) with the pitch/freq knob. your filters create a lot of noise and then shut of when a message below 30 is sent in, or a message above 130. is there a way to fix this? I did the math so that the knob gets scaled coming in but when I use an LFO it becomes a problem as I cannot scale the LFO message without messing up its ratio with the rest of the filters.
Jan Brähler
9 years ago
Hi. Sorry for this late reply. (Didn't get an email-notification.) You can transform the F_begin and F_end to center-pitch and bandwidth via F_beg = F(pitch-bw/2) F_end = F(pitch+bw/2), where F(P) is Expon.(Frequency) and P_beg = P(F_beg), P_end = P(F_end), P_center = (P_beg+P_end)/2, bandwidth= (P_end-P_beg)/2. Those chebychev-filters have a heavy allpass-effect, so they are not neutral.
El Saw
9 years ago
Hi, Jan Brähler! Found Some Filters / FilterTool v2.0 very usefull for crossover (5 band xover) setup. Have you any modification (or point where I can find) of filter (chebyshev bandpass 12/24) where I can set input band width with two params F_beg and F_end. And how can I calculate F_beg-F_end from Fcutoff and Bandwidth param?
Simon D Klapper
10 years ago
COOL! Thanks. They sound very intersting, especially when increasing ripple on the chebyschev.
Simon Millward
10 years ago
These would not load in Reaktor 5. What version of Reaktor 5 is required?
10 years ago
Thank you for these filters.