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Hoover FX

Reverse Delay and reverb

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
March 19, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


This effect creates a real-time aspiration. It stores the audio in, put it in reverse, he adds reverb and delay, and deliver it to the place .... Obviously there had to delay the process, but still in time to the clock. Great for the live and to save time (precious). have fun


francois elie
10 years ago
salut jean mary ! awesome fx !
Kimmo Kivelä
10 years ago
Secret weapon... : )
Mary Jean-Philippe
10 years ago
:) ;) :D Thanks. C U . . .
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
Cute and amazingly useful as simple as it is, thanks a lot, for sure a keeper!