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Andre GOCs' Silverbird drum sequencer

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2.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
June 03, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Here is a little Variation to ANDRE GOC's Original SILVERBIRD, which I like so much.

I stripped the FX and changed the sequencers for ones with almost indefinite variations.
HI Hats have a variable adjustment that creates syncopated beats, if ON, experiment!

The GUI is a bit more condensed and butoons/pots changed.

Samplers are loaded with 15 samples each, because of UL upload size limitation.

it is best to create dedicated drum machines for electro, acoustic, dub, etc, by loading appropriate samples.All are ROOT=0

Have fun and create some nice beats.

All credits go to my friend ANDRE GOC:)


Massimiliano Bucci
7 years ago
Few variations but still very nice.
Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Hi Bernd, I use "Windows Paint", save as GIF, reduce it to 800x500, still a problem...oh well
9 years ago
Karel if Image max 800x600 and GIF there is no problem.
Andre Goc
9 years ago
Hi Karel I am glad that you upload this.Make a lot of fun and I cant stop to screw ... jipiiieeee......... Thanks !
Karel Skakal
9 years ago
Sorry, no picture, because of constant error while uploading. cheers