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Live Audio Looper v3

Audio looper, pitch and slice sequencers

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1.1 (Updated 8 years ago)
January 09, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler



Audio looper for live proposals, made by Ignasi Alvarez Garriga and me.

- 4 audio buffers. Three linked to the first one with pitch offset.
- Overwrite, overdub and insert recording modes.
- Slice and pitch sequencers with 16 sequences per snapshot.
- With Linked mode the sequencers acts while recording audio.
- Independent polarity for each audio buffer.
- LFO. Amplitude modulation triggered by slice sequencer.
- Independent pitch fader.

Very thanks to Ignasi for call me to make that ;)

Enjoy :P


First version made by Ignasi here:

And more Ignasi ensembles here:


Jamie Cresswell
8 years ago
Hi Guys This looks interesting, however i cannot seem to get it to work. I am sure i am doing something wrong, this is how i use it. I use ableton Live. I put the looper on a return i send a sound from a clip to the return. i see sound appear on the reaktor in meter but no sound appears to go to the looper. . any suggestions? thanks
Marco Post
8 years ago
I'm getting Event Loop warnings..?
Norberto Sáez Perdomo
8 years ago
Oh, and you have 8 snapshots including a init.
Norberto Sáez Perdomo
8 years ago
So, you don't understand the ensemble? The Time Window knobs define the length of the time window the ensemble record and loop. Bars, base and you can multiply it if you need more time. The length knob change the time relatively... what's wrong with that? I see it simple so far. Yeah, the tempo multiplier shouldnt have 200 steps, its a strange measure and a bug. And yes, I understand the ensemble, and btw I dont think its that difficult to understand... there is a tempo for the sequencers in the sequencers macro, a time window defines the time recorded and looped, a play button, a reset button, a clear button.
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
This thing is a real puzzle:( For example, in sequencer clock, Tempo multiplier has 200 steps in value 1-4? min/max and tempo division 1/96 and 475 steps?...resulting in tempo multi: 1.285, tempo division 13.8? Or Time window? What is it supposed to do? Tempo base (for time window) of range 4-1000 for length of 1-16 in 127 steps? Do I need a calculator? Do you even understand your upload? And yes the snapshots really explain
Norberto Sáez Perdomo
8 years ago
Connect your instrument, press rec, and press play :P You have some snapshots to see how works the sequencers ;)
Valery Orloff
8 years ago
Hi Sáez! How does this work? is there manual?