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Line – the missing object!

'Line' and much more

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Itay Cohen
1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
April 26, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Line – the missing object!
Lots of users that are also familiar with Max/MSP (including myself) are complaining about the absence of the ‘line’ module. Here is my solution; it is much more advanced than the simple ‘line’ and allowing additional implementations. I am too busy to re-write the code to a complete ‘perfect module’ so I will appreciate any kind of assistance.
The module has two inlets: 1) basic ‘tempo’ factor (Hz), and 2) trigger. The trigger starting the morph processes.

1. This slider determines the changing values, i.e. x 1 and x2.
2. Changes monitor.
3. Turning on/off the monitor [2].
4. Dderetmining how long will it take for the x value to change from x1 to x2. 1*1/4 = Hz factor, summation of quarters and eights changes morph time respectively.
5. A pop-up menue: 1) absolute, 2) relative and 3) scaled.
6. X1 and x2 monitor, values are depending on [5].
7. Scaling object:
a. * is the multiplyer factor. 1 = unchagned, smaller than 1 reduces respectively.
b. Centre of changes, acrrording to: cenre + x * multiplyer. The module keeps all values from 0 to 1.
8. MIDI channel.
9. MICI controller.
10. Output is shaped: 1) linear (as is), 2) sine, and 3) cosine.
11. Off: output is changing from x1 go x2 and then from x2 to x1 in an endless loop.
On: the scenario will change after t time.
12. Determining the time for scenario change.
13. Increases/decreases scenarios manually for editing.
14. If this module is hosted inside a VST host, it may: 1) change MIDI parameters, and 2) morph between snapshots of a variety of synthesizers. Those values will connect with another module that should be implemented inside Reaktor synthesizers.


Jose Barrera Martinez
8 years ago
i would like to see one example, i am noob with reaktor and i don,t know how to use it.thanks!
8 years ago
good connnnections .. yeah! Thanks Itay