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Glitch oriented drum machine

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3.1 (Updated 8 years ago)
June 15, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


FINAL Version 3.0
GlitchMachine is Andre GOC's SILVERBIRD with some modulations.
There are 2 files:
Silver_Glitch_Bird with FX
Silver_Glitch_Bird with FX and Pattern Sequencer.

There are no samples, please import your own:-) Too heavy to upload. There are 5 samplers to load with 128 samples, all root-0 (zero)
Path: SB/SB/Individuals/Perc,BD,etc
There are no patterns, different sample content makes it useless. Sorry. Roll your own...

Credits and Big THANKS go to:
Andre Goc, for creating this great drum machine
Mete Atam, for making the pattern sequencer.
Poul Vestergaard for extracting Lazy Fish's FX.
and to everybody I forgot:-)

Enjoy, be creative and make some nice beats.
Added LFO Select to BD and Snare
Added PAN to BD and SD and some more FX like Magic (thanx LazyFish)


max graham
8 years ago
Got it - just threw an input crossfade module between everything and the effects.
max graham
8 years ago
Beautiful, thank you! Although I can't figure out how to use it as an effect on external input. It says "set voices to 1, and delete voice combiners", but I'm not sure what that means.
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
Path: SB/SB/Individuals/Perc,BD,etc Read above;-)
william blackie
8 years ago
hey ! how do you get sample maps to load into this ?
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
HI-Hat can create some nice syncopated beats: click on HiHat, turn on "Random Select", select "Shape", "Select amount" and value from 1-16. Depending on sample location, it plays "rhythms" from Hihat sample map...It is not the same as Sample Variation in Mod. This produces "loops" of different timings and of "X" number of samples...Experiment:-)