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Saturation Station

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1.2 (Updated 8 years ago)
November 01, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Distortion


After playing around with SoundToys Decapitator I decided to try and make my own version (or something similar) in Reaktor.

All the controls/operational features are 'borrowed' from the way Decapitator works (apart from this has a high and low shelving eq rather than tilt eq).

I'm finding it really cool for beefing up drum loops etc.

This is my first Reaktor upload so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks and let me know what you think!


Ng Mui
7 years ago
I came to say the same as Mary Jean-Phillipe below, some serious sounds, very useful, great work!
jerome haynes
7 years ago
Stephen Reid
8 years ago
Hi Tino, Thanks for the comments. The idea was you adjust the gain to get the amount of 'dirt' you want. You can then adjust the output trim to get the output level you want. I didn't like blasting my ears everytime I maxed the gain out. The control should really be called 'dirt' or something I guess. I've done another revision which I'll upload later. Cheers!
Tino Nettling
8 years ago
sounds really nice! what i don't get is the logic behind the gain. When i put it up the sou d gets quiter!?
Mary Jean-Philippe
8 years ago
Good work, very clean & usefull :D
Stephen Reid
8 years ago
Thanks for the comments jesse! The piano keyboard control of the controls is a good idea that I will look into. An LFO + Env Follower would also be cool!
Jesse Voccia
8 years ago
I LIKE IT! Very useable, the path, controls and EQ are well thought out. It was really easy to get something fun out of it. Super wide range of usable tones. Great work. This is really fun to use. Looking forward to your second upload! (if you are looking for ideas for v2.0, how about some LFOs on the filter knobs and on the Tweak especially (something random 10-20%)? Would it be fun to have the ABCDE+Punish+bypass buttons be able to be selected from the piano keyboard? Momentary or toggle.)