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Michael Pilyavskiy - Norm

My audiovisual work

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March 24, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Michael Pilyavskiy - Norm (2013)

Used in structure:
"Snapper" by Lazyfish
(Import Ensemble/New additions/Sequencers).
"Compressor" (Macro/Building Blocks/Effects)
"Micro Space" (Macro/Building Blocks/Effects)
"Stein Phaser" (Macro/Building Blocks/Effects)
"HQ Saturator" (Macro/Building Blocks/Shapers)
"Milton rabbit" by Dmitry Vasilyev
"Shepard-Risset Tone Generator"

Used instruments:
5 Liter Water Bottle
Plate harp

This is my first work in Reaktor, so I`m sorry for many bugs inside structure.
This ensembles is about culture/people/life in Russia and in USSR and how it changing through the times.


Trevor Gavilan
7 years ago
first ensemble of its kind! great work!
Laurence Counihan
7 years ago
this is really stunning. great work.
Michael Pilyavskiy
7 years ago
upd: new reaktor UL interface allow big size of files, so I uploaded original ensemble
Michael Pilyavskiy
8 years ago
I Nyoman Putra Ardhana,
Mantra Ardhana
8 years ago
where i can download the ensemble ?
mikimo sosumi
8 years ago
Amazing! Thank you!
Der Einmeier
8 years ago
Interesting concept: lovely piece of art!
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
Fantastic and beautiful...and your first instrument? Genius Plus great sound/collage/visual-10+minimum Thank you
Ryan Dean
8 years ago
Interesting sound and graphics + great use of Reaktor. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing!
howard longlegz
8 years ago
ah ,the pleasure of staring at a synth this morning..Played this a few times and it is beautiful.That bridging between medias,it is so now & beyond if I may risk such a colorful comment.great,thx for sharing.
Peter Dines
8 years ago
This is gorgeous. Not only have you composed an audiovisual piece within Reaktor, but you've managed to make it seekable with the bar. Amazing. My hat's off to you. I love to see people making ART with Reaktor instead of just instruments and effects.
James Rudy
8 years ago
Really Cool!
Jose Barrera Martinez
8 years ago
this is a masterpiece.i,ve been playing with the same concepts,using jpgs in the ensembles but you made a finished work!!! Great for people like me that wanted to learn, thanks!!!