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drum synth machine

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1.6 (Updated 7 years ago)
June 24, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


The idea is to have a synth engine hidden behind a simple front panel, to make presets and use them like a regular drum machine.
Panel B opens the complete synth of each part.

The sequencer is a modified version of martin brinkmanns dsq32-3, with some custom knobs and a simple humanize function.
You can set the velocity for each step in 4 steps.

V 1.6: changed the FX-send routing, now everything is in stereo and you can pan between original and wet signal to easily mix in FX in row without changing the overall amplitude... and fixed the step meter, which wasn't displaying correctly


Matthias Schaffner
3 years ago
If you find this looking for a drum synth, please check out my new creation at =much better :)
Raphaël s.charles
6 years ago
Hello,Very good sounding drum machine,how i have to proceed for automate the snare tune,i did right click midi learn and also compress ids?.Thank you very much
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
made another update, step meter is displaying correctly now and FX-send now is much more comfortable
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
thanks for the comments! a better solution for the step meter is to add 1 to the value it's receiving. the values it receives range from 0-31, if you add 1 it's displaying correctly. didn't pay attention to this, aybe i will make another update soon :)
michael lancaster
7 years ago
Like the sounds this makes,the purple step meter at the bottom doesn't do the last beat,If you change your meter max/min to 0-30 that seams to make it work,not sure why as that doesn't make sence . thanks mike
christian guba
7 years ago
Really Great Machine!!! Thank you very much.
year zero
7 years ago
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
sorry, uploaded it now with embedded sample. The samples are for the wavetable of oscillator 3. It is my AKWF-oscillator, but i left only 400 waveforms in it to not slow reaktor down, so only the first for banks work. You can replace it with the Sample Loop from my AKWF upload to get all 3500+ waveforms, but it will slow reaktor down, I was told that this will be fied with the next update though.
marco vicari
7 years ago samples :-( hoping for an update. looks awesome
Phil Durrant
7 years ago
Unfortunately your samples are all missing. please upload again and make sure they are embedded in the Ensemble
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
...and the controls on panel A are mapped to a bcr2000 standard preset 1
Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
The first four modules are triggered by C1, D1, E1, F1 and the sequencer, the MeloDy module can be played from G1 and upwards and is not triggered by the sequencer.