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Table Oscillator Mod

New possibilities, better sound quality

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
September 23, 2013
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Modified version of the original Table Oscillator.

This one uses a different form of pre-filtered wave-tables.
This leads to a better sound quality and an improvement in CPU usage, once implementing the fade-in/fade-out of the different octaves.

Also added a cross-fade between adjacent wave-shapes and a "filter" option.

Lots of improvements to give the maximum quality under deep and audio-rate pitch/frequency modulations.

Use "Table Filter" ensemble ( to create your own wave-tables.

"Carbon 1024" table when opening the ensemble to permit a comparison between the Modified oscillator and the original.

"Carbon + Oki 1024", "Oki 512" and "Oki 1024" included in the download. Just remember to connect the coresponding value ("512" or "1024") when you load a new table.

More to come (includes Soft/Hard Sync).

Have fun and stay tuned !


7 years ago
Nice to see that you like it !
7 years ago
I will have fun and stay tune!