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SC Chaos UGens

chaotic oscillators adapted from SuperCollider's Chaos UGens

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1.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
November 15, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


SC Chaos Ugens is a collection of chaotic oscillators adapted from SuperCollider 3. This package includes emulations for every subclass of SC's ChaosGen class, as well as alternative versions of these oscillators not found in SuperCollider.

SC Chaos Ugens contains the following core cells:

Cusp Map C.rcc
Cusp Map L.rcc
Cusp Map N.rcc
FBSine Map 0.rcc
FBSine Map C.rcc
FBSine Map L.rcc
FBSine Map N.rcc
Gbman Map C.rcc
Gbman Map L.rcc
Gbman Map N.rcc
Henon Map C.rcc
Henon Map L.rcc
Henon Map N.rcc
Latoocarfian C.rcc
Latoocarfian L.rcc
Latoocarfian N.rcc
Linear Congruential 0.rcc
Linear Congruential C.rcc
Linear Congruential L.rcc
Linear Congruential N.rcc
Lorenz Map 0.rcc
Quad Map C.rcc
Quad Map L.rcc
Quad Map N.rcc
Standard Map C.rcc
Standard Map L.rcc
Standard Map N.rcc


Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
This is a great collection you've put together here. Took me a while to dive in but I'm glad that I have! I suspect many of these will be useful in my little experiments. Thank you for sharing!
V. G.
7 years ago
Thanks that clears it up. I was confused because when moving the knob the image on a scope was changing. I'm not sure how I intend to use these but you release them just as I started learning about this subject so your timing couldn't have been cooler.
David Kendall
7 years ago
The xi, yi inputs actually reset the function with initial values xi, yi. It's not a phase offset like you might expect. You are actually providing seed values which reset the chaotic function when you send to xi, yi. Personally I have been sending new xi, yi values with every gate on event, to get subtle variations in the timbre of each note.
V. G.
7 years ago
the x/y phase offset only seems to occur when the control is moving, at least in the Fbsine Map L that I'm messing with.
David Kendall
7 years ago
great--so glad you liked it! I'll see what I can do with navier-stokes. My math is terrible, actually. But I definitely want to do another bundle like this, I'll see if I can include it. Thanks!
V. G.
7 years ago
hey can you do some navier stokes examples too?
V. G.
7 years ago
thanks David Kendall! this is an interesting and unique treat.