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Spaceship Racing

Retro Space Game

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2.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
February 08, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


This is a real game!!!!!

Face opponents in a mad drive.
The race is constituted by rings of energy.
They serve to feed Spaceships.
You can shoot with your laser gun, but remember, you are not untouchable either!!!

You have to end the various races in fashion "speed" or " killer " to unlock other circuits and other more powerful and faster engines...

New fonction "Autoshoot"
New GamePlay, more logic.

The game is unfortunately very hungry in CPU (70% on my macbook pro i5) : (
If somebody knows tricks to relieve the ensemble, that would be great....thank you:)

( If the race does not start, press still on A)
(start the race if you are on the screen with 6 stars for locking the rank)
(i the rank don't write correctly, push the reset button)

sounds from the "woosh box" by Mike Clarke

Special thanks to Mark Smart for his "wireframe synth" and Dmitriy Vasiliev


Charles Capsis IV
7 years ago
Very impressive.
Vadim Krasnopevtsev
7 years ago
30% on my Core2Quad, seems it's not reasonable to upgrade to i7 :) And yes, nice game indeed :)
Event Iter
7 years ago
10+ :-)
Dirk Wallinger
7 years ago
25% on my i7 ....very nice game :-)