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Human Head

Binaural simulation for spatial positioning

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1.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 12, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Human Head simulates the positioning of a sound source in 2D space (altitude is not simulated as no HRTFs are used) in relation to the approximate parameters of an average human head. Head values can be adjusted to exaggerate or reduce the effect of head filtering, ear separation and distance delay/doppler.
There is some tearing if the sound source is moved around too quickly relative to the doppler factor, but it works very well for panning musical instruments around the listener's head.
I recommend adding a little bit of reverb to the output as it hugely helps with the perceived sound location.

v1.2 changes:
Added a rotation/distance control to make it easy to rotate a sound in a circle around the listener's head via a simple slider. This can also be automated in your DAW.

v1.1 changes:
Added a binaural/stereo button to switch binaural processing on or off.
Fixed a filter problem when the z position was zero.
1m from the listener is now correct unity gain.
Added front-to-back notch filtering to simulate a minor pinna effect.


Richard Humphries
5 years ago
Just what I was looking for. However, there is a potential to divide by 0 in the Left Ear and Right Ear macros, if X and Z =0.
Jordan Harris
6 years ago
You got Dubspot promoting this thing. Good job. I can't wait to try it in the morning.
Mathias Schmias Fekjær Moseid
6 years ago
This is fantastic! Could you maybe make a short "video demo" of it? :)
6 years ago
good idea