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Optimus Prime

Dynamic Glitch FX

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
September 02, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Multi-Effect


Optimus Prime is a Dynamic Glitch FX ensemble, containing 16 effect slots that can be turned on or off via MIDI.

A video is coming soon to describe all functions. Manual included in the download as well.

Optimus Prime is by salamanderanagram


kevin halloran
1 year ago
hello, I'm trying to use this ensemble as an effect insert and can't get midi notes to trigger the effects. is there a solution for this? thanks
Diego Callegari
2 years ago
this one rocks! Thanks
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
Still exceptionally great after all this time!
Jason Grimes
4 years ago
Had to rate this. Very useful effect. Thanks for building and sharing.
Hans Baier
4 years ago
Absolutely fantastic. Very well done.
Fernando Baez
4 years ago
after you download, what do you do next? Sorry for sounding dumb but I am new to this. Thanks
5 years ago
@Athanasios Dovas - it's not my fault you couldn't be bothered to read the manual that I included in this download. but the ensemble does work.
Athanasios Dovas
5 years ago
Does not work. Other effects working perfect but this NO. While iam turning the knobs the sound is the same
Oliver Neuro
5 years ago
This is quite as NI's Finger but freeware! Awesome work, man.
Jordan Harris
5 years ago
This is my go to for tape-stop effects. Great job on this one man! I also love the stutter effects and grainy reverse-like effects. It's a lot of fun playing with. Sometimes the stutter effects have a bunch of clicks though, but Idkif that can be fixed.
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
your interfaces are brilliant! And you ideas are so well implemented. It makes making complex sounds intuitive. Your ensembles are unique and characteristic!!
Oscar Montiel
6 years ago
im in love with the drum beat
Andreas Sandberg
6 years ago
Super-ensemble, in the same vein as the Finger! Enjoy this much, as well as Your Reaktor tutorials! Thanks! :)
pro tools
6 years ago
one word ... AMAZING .. keep going ..
Gotthard Ortner
6 years ago
I know your awesome work already ;)( Thank you very much. YMMD
marco vicari
6 years ago
a masterpiece has found its way in the ul.
6 years ago
nah it's the same... i originally uploaded it elsewhere because the old UL was so outdated i couldn't bear to use it anymore. now that things are better and still improving, i'm migrating them over here slowly ;)
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Is this an update or actually the first time you post it here and same as here I really love your Transformers series, all of them!