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A powerful MIDI-operated drum synth.

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1.1.2 (Updated 4 years ago)
November 27, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a synthesizer specifically geared toward drum sounds. Kick, Snare and Clap synths, alongside Metal, Noise, Percussion and Cowbell engines, produce a plethora of distinctive and customizable sounds. In lieu of a sequencer, every engine can be edited and mapped to different MIDI note ranges. Tuned percussion can be played across the keyboard with ease.

Alternatively, open up the recorder and turn your sounds into samples. With the click of a button and the press of a key, your drum sounds are captured and are ready to be exported as WAV files.

Ten kits are provided to get you started, ranging from clean and punchy to massively distorted. Enjoy!

1.0.1: initial upload
1.1.1: fixes a minor bug in the master tuning, removes a small GUI mismatch between the A and B panels, and adds 18 new snapshots: 7 standard drum sounds and 11 tuned synth sounds. Each one uses only a single sound engine (to save CPU) and makes a good starting point for new sounds.
1.1.2: GUI update; also adds an internal instrument "*Accelelerator MIDI In" to which a sequencer can be routed to trigger all the drum engines, got rid of superfluous outputs which caused issues in DAWs.


ian ainslie
1 year ago
Man, this thing ROCKS!
Michael Barker
3 years ago
This is wonderfully useful, thank you!
4 years ago
thanks. By the way, I love this ensemble, great sound and design.
4 years ago
@ Patrick Lagoa: Yes, if you look at the Instrument level you will see each sound has a labeled output. You can add outputs in the Ensemble level (by default, only the Sum channel is connected) as well to send the individual sounds out of Reaktor, and then route them in your DAW.
4 years ago
Hi, is there a way to have separate outputs for each sound?
Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
This is a really solid ensemble. Practical and well designed all around - a pleasure to use, and educational as well (that is, I learned a couple tricks having a look at your architecture). Many more words of praise could be said... but I'll end with a big cheer! {cheer}
Andreas Sandberg
5 years ago
Powerful, great sounding instrument! Thanks!
5 years ago
Ben Allen: I just tried sequencing with Spiral. To use it, you have to go to the sequencer's Connect tab in its Properties and connect to internal instruments. The instruments that drive the drum synths' MIDI connections are labeled accordingly; I selected each sound that I wanted to trigger, let the clock run, and was able to get it to work. Hopefully this answers your question :)
Ben Allen
5 years ago
Great ensemble! Any chance that in the next update you could add the ability to change the master MIDI channel? Would be amazing if this had a dedicated drum sequencer.
Arthur Labitzke
5 years ago
Beautiful "little" machine. Great sounds. Tuff pressure. Perfect usability. Thanx so much!
michael o'hagan
5 years ago
This is amazingly good, thank you, I just made an entire song out of this and Infrastructure alone, great work, 5 stars all the way. Thank you, Mike