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256-band FFT sidechain compressor

Spectrum control spectrum

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1.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
November 29, 2014
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


It uses external signal as input for 256-band FFT Envelope Follower, so every "bin" (whole spectrum
divided by 256) of one stereo signal control amplitude of the same "bin" of another signal.


jamie munro
5 years ago
so this opens up in R6? weird as it came through as R5 tool search, shame. :-(
Phil Durrant
6 years ago
The update is very useful and really shows this off. I can get some great side-chain effects using this in Ableton Live!
Michael Pilyavskiy
6 years ago
Updated for using with 2 stereo pairs.
Michael Pilyavskiy
6 years ago
Phil, you`re right. I have no idea why I didn't use 16ch version. It works, I will add upgraded version.
Phil Durrant
6 years ago
Reaktor does support more than 2 physical inputs! In fact the 16 x 16 version of the plugin supports 16 inputs or 8 x stereo inputs. FYI, I regularly use Reaktor in Ableton with 2 x stereo pairs going to one instance of Reaktor.
Paul Harding
6 years ago
great fun thanks