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The Arpeggio

Based on notes played multi Arpeggio/RythmComposer/Sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
December 15, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


This is a arpeggio/ rythmcomposer/ sequencer build on and developed from the Aynatac arpeggios by Dietrich Pank and Marco Thiele.

All the sequences is based on notes played.

There are 4 modules each having 4 lines for a total of 16 lines managing up to 64 step each.
The Arpeggio can respond to up till 8 individually played notes. That means you can make Arppegios based on from 1 up to 8 played notes.

CONNECT The Arpeggio to a synth in the Connect panel just like you would connect eg Spiral.

Among other things:

1. Each module can be switch on and off.

2. Each line has can be programmed with gate openings/ tone length and velocity for each step.
Open the gate in a step fully will continue the tone to the next step and so on.

3. Additional pitch relativ to a played note can be controlled for everything, for each module individually, and for each line individually.

4. Each line can respond to a selected played note. The lowest note, the next lowest played note, the third lowest played note and so on - up to 8 played notes.

5. Each line can eg both have it's own note length settings and it's own step length, and it's own sequence length to be looped.

There is lots of possibilities.

The Arpeggio can be improved. Maybe by You. Could be nice if you posted an improwed version in the UL.

The Arpeggio is not perfect, and i can't see myself be doing more on it. I'm not a Reaktor developer. Don't know much about it and just tried to find solutions to do this, and learn a little about Reaktor.

I have'nt made Snapshots apart from a few one finger sequences to test. Used time to do other stuff. Would be nice if you post some snapshots to the UL.

A pity just to let The Arpeggio be unused here. Therefor i post it as it is.

Some things The Arpeggio could be improved with is being better cutting tone length if sustained sounds are used, a hold/ latch function and to better catch the first note.
Maybe another way to control the note length and the velocity would be better. Also by using knobs instead.
As The Arpeggio is now maybe it works best with plucked sounds and alike. But sustained sounds can be used. That is one of the the ideas.

I post this as it is because of the above. I think there are lot's of possibilities in The Arpeggio.
Hope you think so to.


Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Thanks Julian. You are welcome to post some presets yourself.
julian farina
5 years ago
GREAT one, i wish it has more presets. thanks
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
james storr
6 years ago
nice sequencer :)