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Channel Strip

Simple channel strip ensemble (mono).

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
March 01, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Multi-Effect


This is a simple channel strip I built for processing my guitar+bass.

The inspiration was from the 'channel strip' audio processors you can buy.

It includes a lot of Boscomac's ( amazing Reaktor work (with his permission). The majority of credit has to go to him here: I mostly just stuck the parts together!

There are various stages of saturation (input preamp, tape and tube) and filtering (fixed freq locut and hicut filters, 4 band eq and hicut/locut output filters) within the ensemble. There is also a on knob compressor ('comp').

The EQ frequencies were taken from a combination of the API 560 and Chandler Little Devil EQ's (both amazing and very expensive eq's). I can't in any way guarantee that this ensemble replicates the sound of those two units though!

The EQ also includes a very simple 'proportional Q' calculation, meaning that the Q of the mid bands gets steeper as you increase gain. The EQ bands boost and cut are +/- 12dB.

I tried to keep things simple here to try and make it as user friendly as possible. It's always tempting with Reaktor to throw 'everything and the kitchen sink' into an ensemble, which I am finding can be counter productive...

No presets either as the results will be heavily dependent on the input source.


Hope you enjoy using it!


Jan Engel
2 years ago
wow! great channel for guitars. like others here i wish it was stereo. i pretty much double track all my guitars and dump them into a bus, which is where this ensemble would make way more sense, than on the individual tracks. please make this stereo. pretty please :)
5 years ago
Please make a stereo version pleaseeeeeeee
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Good looking and great sounding. Love the saturation from it. Overall great tool.
Stephen Reid
5 years ago
Hi Phil, Thanks for the feedback. Yes that certainly would be a good idea. I originally built this for my guitar/bass recordings, but I can see stereo would be useful. I'll update the ensemble when I get a minute.
Phil Durrant
5 years ago
The addition of a stereo version would be nice to have, for stereo processing.