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A flexible and efficient subtractive synthesizer.

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1.0.5 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 08, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower


Redux streamlines the ideas in Infrastructure into a leaner, more efficient package. The CPU usage has been cut in half, and the modulation system has been overhauled. The oscillator and filter sections now allow for greater control, with improved waveform selections and new 6-pole and notch filters. The result is a versatile, user-friendly, and compact synthesizer capable of both classic and modern sounds.

There are over 100 included snapshots to get you started. Enjoy!


ian ainslie
1 year ago
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Thank you :)
Michael Barker
3 years ago
Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
@R. de Kaste: currently working on this synth's successor actually ;) I'll be sure to make it work with Kontrol/Maschine.
R. de Kaste
3 years ago
Great little synth! Do you have any plans on categorizing/tagging the presets and mappings for rotaries for use in Komplete Kontrol? (before I do it myself ;))
Sam Mover
4 years ago
4 years ago
Thanks a lot for this great and versatile synth! This is now a favorite and is being used in every project I make. It sounds great and is easy to program. Best.
4 years ago
Such an awesome little synth that covers so much ground. Really love this and the leads just cut through a mix so well!
Aaron Dunn
4 years ago
This is an amazing synth. I think I just about love every preset I pass through on this thing. This doesn't happen ever for me. Beautiful Synthesizer!
Jo Oheim
4 years ago
Very nice work with great attention to details. Your GUIs are outstanding, one feels 'at home' right away. Lots of (well organized) snapshots showcase what this thing can do - a must to check out for every (!) Reaktor user. Thanks a lot!
Edvard Slåttum
4 years ago
sick!! this is a synth that NI better put in their package:) great work with some very god synths!
Lars Bo Hermansen
4 years ago
Thanks. All your contributions have there own approch like for instance the way the unison spread and pan is working and the texture feature. Every detail including tool tips on everything done beautiful. And allways some good presets showing possibilities including use of expression. The only limitations is the Reaktor sound engine it self it seems. Thanks for all your contributions. Respekt. Very well done. Very proffessionel.
Luis Enrique Arribas Zapater
4 years ago
Infraestructure is a must in my ensemble even with its cpu ussage. Lets try this new thang!!! Thank you!!
4 years ago
Great work, thank you.