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Compact 16-Channel Mixer

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1.06 (Updated 4 years ago)
April 30, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Finally got around to shrinking down the size of my massive mixer for use to those that wish to use it without it taking up the screen, even though that was the main purpose before. Either way, it's still true to the original with all components intact.

If you have any trouble, just remember the colors:
Orange = Mono
Green = Master Mix
Blue = Aux
White = Print Master

If you think I deserve a cup of coffee, you can donate here:

Below is the description for the SCM-16

SCM-16 is a 16-Channel Mixer primarily for: Jack OSX, Soundflower, or any other Internal Audio Routing Program.

____How To Use____
The Master Mix button (MM) is so that you can either use the channel strip just as it is, Mono in and Mono out, or have the signal from that channel go to the Master Mix to be joined with the Aux Return signal to be sent to the Print Master Out.

Ex) Having the MM button off: Mic -> Input 1 -> Channel strip -> Output 1
Having the MM button on: Mic -> Input 1 -> Channel Strip -> Master Mix -> Print Master Out

However having the button on, still allows the audio in a channel to come out of its respective Output with no interference of any other channel.

___How To Use (Active Display)___
This is where you see what is active at any given moment. Here you can see which channels are actively sending out audio. This exists so that while you can't see all the controls of all the channels at once, you can still be notified of what is going on.

____Extra Notes____
- Ports used for Aux Sends/returns:
Input ------- 21, 22, 23, 24
Output ----- 21, 22, 23, 24
- Ports used for the Print Master Out:
Output ----- 17, 18

- Ports not in use:
Input ------- 17, 18, 19, 20
Output ----- 19, 20

-Cleaned up display
-Compacted everything to make it more useable
-Added Active Display

Created by
Jonathan Tremblay


Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
Disregard my last comment, use the link in the description to donate.
Jonathan Tremblay
4 years ago
Finally got around to making it possible for me to accept donations, you can donate here:
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
v.1.05 -Cleaned up the color-scheme
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
I'm very much aware of all levels being Line, even when using an external mic, the interface has a gain knob for it. It's for the feel of a real-world mixer, and so you can increase gain of incoming signal if needed.
Frank Kooistra
5 years ago
Looks like a very welcome addition. Just curious: not yet tested or used: Mic/line : in Jack all levels are line: just the name for an alternative input ? Thanks Frank
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
v.1.04 -Zipped for instrument to put in ensembles, and just the board as its own ensemble with ports done (17 & 18 Main Out) -Added photo of board on the instrument for easy identification when wiring
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
v.1.03 -Added version number to bottom of description -Moved logo and name a little for visual appeasement
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
v1.01 Fixed the INIT preset, apparently it wasn't normaled properly, I apologize.
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
Just updated to v1.01 I cleaned up the description, and added what ports are used for the Print Master Out (17, 18)
Jonathan Tremblay
5 years ago
You are most welcome. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help.
Paul Weber
5 years ago
Yeah!.... was missing a "big" mixer w/ all the bells and whistles. Thank you