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Tempo adjustment tool.

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1.3 (Updated 9 months ago)
August 21, 2015
Reaktor 6


Like vinyl touch, Tempomat has a dynamic adjustment, and static tempo setting options as in pitch adjustment on turntables or other players, to match the beat in a mix.
The calculated BPM can be sent to reaktor itself via OSC.
In addition to the clickable clock-like looking surface an external generic, or a Xone midi controller Jog can be used. A takt signal is sent, as audio out, which is a 4/4 click.

Version 1.4

- The Start/Stop buttons have now custom graphics.


Mark Wadewitz
8 months ago
Got it working: sending IP: same as receiving IP ( wasn´t listed here, choosed another). Sending Port: same like receiving Port. OSC SEND Identifier name: user definable OSC SEND pattern: must be /__BPM (2x underline).
Mark Wadewitz
8 months ago
I can´t get the OSC /__BPM feedback to Reaktor working. All settings are correct. Where do you have that info from?
István Király
5 years ago
Updated to 1.1 Added a generic Midi controller opt, and Start/Stop buttons.
István Király
5 years ago
Send the BPM to reaktor itself via OSC. To activate: Go to OSC settings enable OSC on the OSC send panel Name: Self IP: Port: 10000 On the OSC Sync panel Enable Sync as slave, Time Sync, from self Find the OSC send module in your Instrument > Tempoclock Verify that Self is a target, and that the URL pattern is /__BPM