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Lizard's Logic

Drone machine using the first Blocks added by users!

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1.3 (Updated 5 years ago)
September 10, 2015
Reaktor 6
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A drone machine - four Bento Box VCOs with a touch of sync and FM are fed into two instances of Michael Hetrick's 'Logic Mix', creating beatings and lively disturbances with a wide stereo effect.

Jason Leiter's 'Simple Switch' is used to allow for different modulation sources being assigned to the 'Logic Mix' Blocks in each Snapshot:

Switch L (selects modulation sources for left channel 'Logic Mix')
1 - OSC 3
2 - OSC 4
3 - LFO 1
4 - LFO 2

Switch R (selects modulation sources for right channel 'Logic Mix')
1 - OSC 3
2 - OSC 4
3 - LFO 3
4 - LFO 4

Visual support by Jan Brähler's 'Filter Bank Spectrometer'.

Sounds best when played in a range from C2 - C4.

Download 'Logic Mix' here:

Download 'Filter Bank Spectrometer' here:

Download 'Simple Switch' here:


Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
omg, its a whole new world now! so great. thanks...
John Squibb
5 years ago
Excellent Patch!
5 years ago
Nice one, Mr. Korte!
Jan Ola Korte
5 years ago
Updated, now includes two 'Simple Switch' Blocks that are used to select different modulation sources for the two 'Logic Mix' Blocks, either one of two Bento Box OSCs or one of two Bento Box LFOs. Also includes new Snapshots to show off the new possibilities.