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MAmt (Block-style)

Reaktor6: Easy mod-visualisation for StudioFx/modules

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1.1 (Updated 5 years ago)
September 27, 2015
Reaktor 6


Some knobs have a range from 0/1 others have -1/+1.
(Look example .ens: Drive-knob has a range of 0/1 and Frequency-knob -1/+1)
..If a knob has -1/+1.. just press the little new button.. then make it invisible.
It is a 1 time setup. The A/B button is outside of the macro.

Works for all Reaktor6 Library stuff

Add mod-input for knobs which have none included:
Use an add(+) module to combine the knob and the mod signal -> in Core level right after the ins, use the included library clipper to clip the signal. (0/1 or -1/+1)


Look what i did..
A macro which can be setup "easily".
It makes a LED go around the modulated knob like the mod-arrow in Blocks.
Works with all included R6 Library Studio-Effects (with mod input).
-2 (A/B) mod amounts (modded MAmt-macro from the R6-Library)

-Turn up the mod-amount of A or B and a "green dot" will appear + move accordingly to the mod input... also it indicates all knob changes made with e.g. mouse.

The MAmt has to be placed inside the fx.. right next to the automated knob. (or the ModRing's stacked-macro will be prevent usage of the knob..)
-> plug in the knob and the mod in/outs (See picture)
It has built-in optional mod-smoothing for A and B. (100% off when on zero)

Tricky part: Placing it on the GUI.
-- It may jump around a bit when the frame is turned on/off...That's a new "feature" in R 6 ;) --


Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thank you