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Block - Quadrature LFO 1.0

Quad Phase-Shifted Sine LFO

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 14, 2015
Reaktor 6


Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series!

A "Quadrature" oscillator is a sine oscillator that provides at least two outputs: sine and cosine. Many quadrature oscillators, like this LFO, provide 4 outputs: sine, cosine, -sine, and -cos. All of these outputs are frequency-locked. They are simply phase-shifted copies of the primary core.

This Quadrature LFO is based off of the Bento LFO. For this implementation, the saw output is used to address a sine table and a cosine table, providing the 0 and 90 degree outputs. Those outputs are inverted, providing the 180 and 270 degree outputs.

Quadrature LFOs are useful for creating modulations that chase each other, or for mirror modulations.

This Quadrature LFO is unique in that it retains the Bento LFO's "shape" parameter, allowing you to warp the lookup phasor. This creates really interesting push-pull modulations.


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
5 years ago
thank you very much
Joseph Guisti
5 years ago
This is great. I wanna take a minute to express thanks for all the hard work you do to supply us with awesome new blocks. Really appreciate it.
Greg Killmaster
5 years ago
love this! thank you!
Dieter Zobel
5 years ago
wow. thanks
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
Thanks, Brett! Two hardware examples of this include the Doepfer A-143-9 ( and Intellijel's amazing Dr. Octature ( The Dr. Octature has a clever design, where it actually provides 8 LP filters of various strength. When resonating, they acts as an "octature" LFO. There's also the XAOC Batumi (, the Modcan Quad LFO ( and the Malekko/Richter/Wiard Oscillator ( Regarding the Richter Oscillator, it provides one fixed output, and one with variable phase shift. Adding two inverters will give you full quadrature.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Awesome idea