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Block - Bitcrusher 1.0

Multi-mode 16-bit Bitcrusher

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 15, 2015
Reaktor 6


Another Block in Michael Hetrick's "Euro Reakt" series!

This is a multi-mode 16-bit bitcrusher. Its primary purpose is to take a signal and reduce its sampling rate (time resolution) and/or its bit rate (amplitude resolution).

The bit reduction section has five different modes:

FLOAT - Smooth, between-integer bit-crushing. With this mode, you will hear smooth transitions between the bits. This is not technically true bit reduction, but it's what we most commonly hear on bitcrushers today.

INT - Integer bit crushing. You will not hear smooth transitions as you turn the knob. Instead, you will hear hard integer transitions. The overall sound of this mode is slightly harsher than the FLOAT mode.

AND - Bitwise AND operation between the input signal and a 16-bit integer generated by the BITS knob. It sounds great on audio, but it creates amazing fractal waveforms that work really well as modulation signals (run an LFO through it!). At the bottom of the knob, you will receive extremely harsh squarewave noise.

FOLD - Bitwise AND operation between the input signal and a wavefolded version of the input signal. Reducing the bit knob increases the wavefolding amount. I made this mode up, but it sounds pretty great and creates pretty interesting waveforms for modulation.

XOR - Bitwise XOR operation. Sounds very similar to AND, but has an interesting mirroring effect around bits 8 and 9. At the lowest settings, you simply get a phase-inverted version of the input signal.


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
Silent Noise Productions
4 years ago
Thank you, this sounds great (or terrible, depending on what you are going for!) I used it in my ensemble.
4 years ago
how to make it true stereo?its loading up in Reaktor with only one "In" аnd i cant receive stereo signal
David Maslin
5 years ago
sorry I'm tired! you already said it lol
David Maslin
5 years ago
I was going to say to put the info into the info page/tab of the actual block/instrument. But you already have! hahah good job. That's whats needed ;)
Michael Hetrick
5 years ago
Hi Joey, thanks! I think I'm definitely reaching critical mass on these. They currently make up nearly a third of the Blocks library, and I worry about taking up too much space on the first page, between releases and updates. I'm hopping onto a plane today and taking a five-day vacation, so I might work on getting these organized into a better download during that time. Ferrie, the Block Descriptions are currently available on each Block's info panel, with the exception of a few of the older ones. Would RTF files help for printed documentation?
ferrie = differentieel
5 years ago
may i ad to this suggestion to pack your blocks in a ZIP - as you did with Karplus 1.0 - and ad the description to it as a RTF file? - - thank you for sharing your work
Joey Valizan
5 years ago
Michael, I'm loving all of these blocks. Have you thought about packaging them all up into one download?