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Audio messer upper

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Colugo _
1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 16, 2015
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Thrasher lets you write audio to a buffer at one speed and read it back at another speed.

- Fixed some possible divide-by-zero errors.
- Added a second MUSH mode. IN mode works like v1.0.
- Added info hint to the MUSH knob.


Claude S.
1 year ago
I love this block! I just wish it had a bypass. :( Still I gave it 5 stars because it makes software bending fun.
3 years ago
Thrasher™ Military Patent #X2-0-192-M31 Thrasher is an advanced sound-ray particalizer with a number of unique features, and a sturdy, reliable design that will be a go-to device for self defense for years to come. With infinite rechargeability, a wide stereophonic blast range, and a max volume setting that could cut a hole through a small planet; Thrasher is a great choice for interstellar self-defense. Its light, concielable design makes it great for sneaking behind enemy lines. And, although the volume of its attack doesn't exactly make it a good choice for a stealth mission; with this level of firepower, you won't exactly need to be subtle. Thrasher™ Never Set to Stun. Warning: Proper ear protection must be worn when using this product.
smartboy smarty
4 years ago
Nice one! Thanks colugo
Colugo _
4 years ago
YES well spotted Sandy! I should have gone through everything while sober before uploading it :D I will put out an update over the weekend as I don't have time tonight.
Martin Géč
4 years ago
This is some wicked stuff! Thanks!
Sandy Small
4 years ago
Awesome, awesome block, thanks for this. I do have a bug to report though--within Process > thrasher > reader > get mix, a denormal cancel should be placed before xfade (which really should be a float throughout). This prevents several potential divide-by-zeros resulting in NAN errors.
Bryce Upright
4 years ago
This block is a must have! I ran a audio source to this and used it like a Send effect....the original source material and the Thrasher signal playing simultaneously yielding some absolutely amazing sonic lovelyness!! Thank you!
Bryce Upright
4 years ago
Audio Messer Upper hahaha! Kudos for that discription :-)
Jake Huryn
4 years ago
Sounds great! Super cool stuff.