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RIFFLAB Lite v1.01

Probability based Step Sequence Generator

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Lee Brown
1.01 (Updated 5 years ago)
October 29, 2015
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


* Changes since v1.0
Fixed Modulation Panel sending incorrect values.
Fixed Double clicking steps not randomizing for Step Length and Modulation Panels.

Rifflab is a Probability based Step Sequencer. The sequence is generated in accordance with the probability parameters set by the user. The Probability sliders allow control of Pitch, Velocity, Note Length, Step Length, Progression, and modulation.

Each click of the 'Generate' button will create an entire new sequence based on the probability parameters you've set. (Each panel can be individually generated)

Like some notes but not others? Either lock your favourite notes in and press 'Generate' again, or use the sliders in the 'Results' view to adjust the output values.

Rifflab does not output any audio itself, but sends generated MIDI data to the chosen MIDI channel(s) to drive anything that allows MIDI input.

Features include:

* Generate values per panel, per sequence or all 3 sequences simultaneously
* Set Key and Scale - ability to make own scale
* Scale lock on playback - all notes forced to scale
* Value lock - Keep wanted values and only generate new values for unlocked steps
* Up to 2 octaves per sequence
* Base octave per sequencer
* Variable step lengths - including dotted and triplet notes
* Rest notes (0 Velocity slider) 
* Variable playback speed
* Up to 64 notes per sequence
* Up to 32 bars per Progression
* Variable Note lengths from 1/4 length to full length
* Midi CC output via Modulation panel, as well as Pitch, Velocity and Note Length values
* Midi in triggers for Progression and sequence output
* Shift steps per panel, sequence or all sequences
* Ability to skip steps or randomize played steps
* Low CPU usage


1 month ago
this note generator come up with some of the best melodies out there
1 year ago
My apologies, I meant select 'Reaktor' as the option in both the 1st and 2nd drop down menus, not 'Rifflab' in your synth I/O section. Also, this video might help: .
1 year ago
Under your synth select Rifflab in the 1st and 2nd drop down boxes in the I/O section. It'll work after that.
lesly remy
1 year ago
Despite posting that video, I still cant get this thing to work. Any suggestions welcomed.
lesly remy
2 years ago
I think this may help some folks though I haven't tried it yet myself with this sequencer:
Thala Estra
2 years ago
hey Anton. it is nothing to run through. Rifflab is generating midi information. you need to start the sequencer clock in your DAW or Reaktor standalone first. and second you need to route the midi output of Rifflab somehow into a synth. this can happen via daw-midi-routing or internal midi connections inside Reaktor, if you drop your synth next to Rifflab.
Anton Crowley
2 years ago
Can someone please explain how to set this up? I know it doesn't create any sound on its own, but I can't get anything out of it no matter what I run through it.
Ben Ruiz
3 years ago
Very nice generator. Are you working on any enhancements? As a next step, It would be cool to generate riff results based on chord values, although i know that would involve alot more complexity.
Florian Schindler
4 years ago
Tested the liteversion for like 5 mins ... and straight bought the fullversion. Great tool!
marcin wasilewski
5 years ago
OK :-) 5.9.2
marcin wasilewski
5 years ago
Are You shure it is for a 5 or lower? Not for 6 only?
Thala Estra
5 years ago
real nice one, thanks. may we take parts of this for our own uploads?
Fedor Mihailovich
5 years ago
I agree completely with Jonathan - simply superlative generator. Many thanx, Lee!
M Messier
5 years ago
Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
Really impressive ensemble here! Great GUI - intuitive, extensive and incredibly useful. One of the most polished and professional sequencers to come along in quite some time. Many thanks!
5 years ago
Yes - very cool patch! I like the blues setting.