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November 04, 2015
Reaktor 6
Other Sounds


A rare sound-pack with 93 field recordings collected from one of the deepest jungles of the Reaktor Ecosphere. Never before have these indigineous aliens been contacted.

these are the highlights after several hours of recording on the first visit.

Its made with a dual CHA-OSC engine and its sounds are created by having 3 and sometimes 5 levels of automation all trying to control the same paramaters.

It has a great dynamic and is a great machine at mimicing wildlife patterns and sounds. Lots of amphibians, aliens, creatures, birds and chimps are all represented here (it can get a bit out of control , so the really heaviest samples are towards the end!)

+++++ LINK TO SOUND PACK +++++
(6.23 mins total length - 50 mb)


Giorgio Inzaghi
1 year ago
Broken Link.
Thomas Helzle
3 years ago
Thank you very much CAL! I really enjoy your sound packs. Especially all kinds of "Virtual Lifeforms" - that's one of my main sound design interests too :-)