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A Vacuum Tube preamp in block format

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0.3 (Updated 4 years ago)
November 14, 2015
Reaktor 6


This block emulates the delightful sound of vacuum tubes overdriving.

The guts are based on rTube, ported over to block format for easy use.

UPDATE 15/11/15 : Following some good advice from Sandy Small, I've restructured this block and have fixed a number of issues. There are still a few Global Event bugs to solve but we're getting there :-)

2nd Update: I've fixed the issue with the Block resetting with every tiny change. Re-Download and try it out now. It should be in a much more usable state. The A/B Mod is still not working but I will get that implemented soon.


Jo Oheim
4 years ago
It does work here - R6, 10.9.5. However, adjusting the BIAS knob produces loud crackling noises. The volume jumps by quite a margin when slightly moving the DRIVE knob from all the way left. Definitely needs work, but you're moving in the right direction I think!
Simon Rutter
4 years ago
Hi Kimmo, I'm afraid I don't have access to a Mac to test this on. I'll try and find a friend to help on this. Fingers crossed :-)
Kimmo Kivelä
4 years ago
"Not a valid Reaktor file". (R6. Mac OS X)
Simon Rutter
4 years ago
Hi Sandy. Many thanks for your comment. I was hoping for one like it! I've only just gotten back into Reaktor after quite the hiatus and am very taken by the idea of building a load of blocks! I completely agree that the implementation of this module definitely needs work, as do a few others I'm working on. I'll work through your comments and will try to get a more functional version online as soon as I can. Thanks again!
Sandy Small
4 years ago
I really like this idea, but I'm afraid the implementation needs a lot of work. The mod busses aren't actually connected to anything, there are a number of initialization errors, and it would really be more appropriate to have a single "Process" core cell to handle all the processing rather than surrounding the core tube macro in several primary layers.
Tom Hunt
4 years ago
Very nice, thanks!