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Quilts of Chaos

100 chaos quilts for design

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November 18, 2015
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A pack of 100 chaos quilts rendered with formulas from the Book of Chaos.

Render format PNG - opacity is saved (meaning the quilt is transparent and the final color depends on the block panel color aswell, as it will be seen through the quilt design.)

Render dimension 176 x 252 px = the no.3 size Block

they maybe of some use for designing blocks.

they are also quite good as surface/brush textures and displacement maps, even wallpapers.


4 years ago
The Books Titled - Symmetry in Chaos: A Search for Pattern in Mathematics, Art, and Nature. about 10 years ago some sourceforge dudes made some basic programs that can use the formulas from the book. These renders takes a point on a plane, feeds it an intricate formula resulting in a new point on the plane. The colours of the pixels are calculated using the number of times the pixel gets "hit". I can render several thousand an hour, so just shout if anyone likes these and want more selection
4 years ago
Thanks a lot, they look really nice. I always enjoy your art. By the way, what's the Book of Chaos?