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December 24, 2015
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


The Moon was Ginger, the violin was not,
The sounds were surreal, the ground was solid rock
The termites built a fountain, from which spewed random notes
Then joyfully constructed a special ensemble from the Ginger Moon Mountain Dust

+ Kryptanium 6 way Violin Auto-engine
+ AutoBow Mechanism
+ GenMode + Geiger A.I.
+ Mod Switcher Ginger/ChaosRounds LFO
+ Ginger Moon Macro + Indy Randoms
+ Keyboard/Auto Input Matrix + note shifter
+ Tri Channel - Mix/COMB/VERBDelay + mutes
+ Mod wheel is hooked on the Bow speed
+ 70 snaps + lissajous wave display
+ 50% CPU

EXTRA INFO - start clock.
The AutoBow has a complex multi way system and can be setup to running in various ways eg. the speed can be set by the Rounds lfo which is modded by ginger chaos, in turn modded by geiger, with many parameters like the phase, symmetry, speed all being varied continuosly to create the timings.

the note shifter and pizzicato features will only work in keyboard mode

the input switches allow various combos. full spectrum ranging from fully auto machine ---> to full manual human. meaning it can be played from a keyboard just as a gate trigger with auto running. or normally, or from a Daw or in Auto with A.I. ,and in Gen mode and any other combo to suit.

its not setup to be randomed from the main Reaktor random, only use the individual randoms located on the GUI

*a small bug is the autobow speed is not always saved in snaps, but the orange auto bow fader position always is. so just by dragging that fader it will adjust the time back to bow at the speed you originally saved it.

the demo was auto composed in GEN MODE with full A.I. on

KRYPTANIUM V is constructed with many N.I. components... + includes many U/L builders parts, CHET SINGERS's original 'Serenade' engine Hetrick's EuroReakt Collection, RachMeil's Geiger Macro. thanks!


Klemens Wolf
2 years ago
Hello Mr. Cal Scott, thank You a lot for this great instrument. I used it here with "spiral":
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Hello Cal Scott! I'm in awe. It makes no sense to me that this ensemble of your is making beautiful music without my doing almost anything. But now I have an existential crisis: should I stop composing entirely? Just sit and record Kryptanium 6 forever? Bigger question: If you can do this, maybe you can create an ensemble to foster better relations between peoples, nations even? Please try! Thank you so much for this and for sharing your wonderful imagination with us other Reaktor-addicts!
yerry feldstein
5 years ago
After two months I keep hearing this ensemble, and can not get enough. It's like Alban Berg out of control.
beate gördes
5 years ago
very nice, thx!
5 years ago
hi Martin, thanks! my studio is just ITB. i have no experience of synths or EuroRack, but i guess you can trigger these ensembles and use them in Machine and stuff like that. but i am not designing with these other systems in mind cause i can't test.
Martin Géč
5 years ago
Great stuff, Cal! Do you also use Eurorack system or you work ITB all the time?
5 years ago
Great track Liam, thanks for sharing. + cheers Gleb,Yerry and Christian, glad you all enjoy it. i can't wait to use this one aswell....
Liam Kelley
5 years ago
Thanks!! This one is a lot of fun.
Gleb Bondarenko
5 years ago
One of my fav ensembles. Thank you!
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
Every one of Cal Scott's ensembles kicks boundaries aside as if they were made of matchsticks, but if you haven't heard one of his violins, you're in for something beyond even his howling landscapes, swarms of insects, and rampaging dinosaurs. His violin ensembles have an expressive, sentient presence that defies my comprehension. They are not based on samples of a human composition - they are making it up as they go along, and they will never stop. Recommended.
yerry feldstein
5 years ago
Outstanding ! Thank you!