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AR-Env synced to Loopend

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1.03 (Updated 4 years ago)
December 28, 2015
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This AR-Envelope will deliver Risers on the point.

the attack-time-knob will set the loopendpoint instead of a fixed amount of time.
any time you trigger the envelope, it will calculate the time until the loopend.
the whole concept is based on songposition and tempo, you have to hit play to get this running.
when the loopend is reached it will be send a short Slave-Trigger-Gate or a realeasetime lasting gate (toggle-mode on).

while coding i got bored of holding the key on the keyboard to rise the envelope-> hold and auto release implemented
then hitting a key got boring -> autogate implemented
then single loopstart autogate bored me -> more autogates(1-16 in a euclidean style?) per loop implemented (envelope dribbling with retrigger active)
monotone dribbling got boring... - > implemented chaos mode (any trigger will calculate a new loopend)
this features bundled with quantised modulation is powerful.
only the attack time(loop) and the releasetime are affected by the quantising.
and the chaos will have only a effect, if you modulate the attack or release time.

lots of hours were spend on visuals with a focus on self-explaining... no manual!

have fun experimenting and buildung feedback-slave-loops
the dark and the silver instruments should work identically

starting base was michael hettricks west coast AD. but i deleted and reworked pretty everything.
only a small "hold"-macro has survived. thanks!

i can upload only a small ensemble at the moment, timeouts on 2MBit adsl...


Stf Dugs
1 year ago
Brillant! It's worth it to invest some time to learn that thing!
Catman Dude
1 year ago
The more I play with AR-Envelope, the better it gets. Rich rhythms seem to undulate effortlessly out of it. Currently experimenting with it in Psydiak 1.9 and awesome is the only word for it. THANKS!
david elson
4 years ago
4 years ago
It's as awesome as it looks! Thanks again.
Thala Estra
4 years ago
the dark one was made only for you... thanks too, brett
4 years ago
Wow, that looks incredible! Thanks for your work.