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HelioCroks of Whisperwood

Ripping Rhythms

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December 30, 2015
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


The Aliens of Vosoba have been sighted and heard near the Whisperwood Sanitorium, first reports in claim they are a type of reptile with six arms and four legs, a short thin tail and crocidile like jaws.

They remain elusive jamming out in the swampy wilds, their looks could be deceiving, and it is unknown if they are friendly or not at this stage. Although the Vosoba aliens have caused no interference with human activities and appear harmless so far, they are to be treated with much caution and remain categorized as 'untrustworthy'.

Due to the special magnetic properties surrounding the location of Whisperwood, the experts speculate their visit to planet earth is associated with interdimensional laylines and they are practicing sonic rituals in order to communicate with more distant species.One of these recent rituals was picked up by drone recorders and captured for further analysis at the humans lab.

So far the assigned team of audio engineer experts remain baffled even to the origins of these sounds, and are not even sure if its the creatures themselves or other entities from the interdimensional portal that are excreting the sound waves. The waveforms are describe as 'Burst-sequences'. Arriving in clicky, glitchy, cryptic and rythmically unpredictable ways. These sequences however do show some signs of coherent patterns that may be transmitting meaningful messages.

Eyewitness Mr Barnsley, Head Gardener of Whisperwood,contradicted the scientists predictions, and claimed the Vosoba Aliens to be simply friends of one of the 'special' residents of Whisperwood. They were a species called HelioCroks, totally harmless and were just down visiting for the NewYear to learn about advanced generative rythms, and all the funny noises was just them learning how to jam out on some new Reaktor 6 ensembles. His interview was then cut short....TBC

4 way Burst Gen Chaos Engine
Satverb Snare + Kik-folder
Hat open + hat closed with clipper
Turing Machine Gate Sequencer
Ginger Mods the oscillators + Rounds Mods the FX
Random , Gen mode, + 120 snaps
Low 25% cpu

Changing the Space and Burst settings on the Drum Gens will alter the sequences
The overall speed of the patterns is adjustable with Ginger.
Reseed will make new pattern without affecting the sound
Turing Machine paramaters will also alter the patterns

The patterns in the demo are accompanied with sounds from the next machine.

Many thanks to Michael Hetrick's EuroReakt Collection for all the components.


inaki arrizabalaga
4 years ago
great job!
Jerome Santiago
5 years ago
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
A combination of nutty riffs and accessible, approachable beats. If you open up this ensemble you will probably find a loop you want to put to use immediately.