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MOD buttons extended + colour

MOD indicators skinned alive, with tips.

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Emm@ Em
0.3 (Updated 5 years ago)
January 26, 2016
Reaktor 6


V 0.3 update (Feb 4 2016) adds Mod bypass switch macro + graphics for Mod buttons for front-end and remote (hardware etc) control. Again, just some bits for my own workflows - if it helps someone else, I couldn't be happier. Any suggestions, bugs etc, let me know.

Slightly modified (extended?, enhanced?) GUI for adding colour options to MOD sections in Blocks. Alternatively, if you just want the normal NI symbols but want access to extra letters in a row, this will also do that. I also made the symbols for connected and disconnected a little faster for myself to intuit at a glance. Colours were something I added for myself to get a sense of complex structure paths with a GUI-only view (e.g. in one ensemble I might use one colour across a number of blocks as an indicator of an oscillator as mod, another as mod wheel etc. Early days, haven't settled on anything, just playing.

Thanks to the "Block Template, Extended" by Joey Valizan. You helped me realise this was possible. I have added Joey's extended four-macro processor in to this one (although only to aid in the visualisation demo - I have not added any functionality at all apart from clickability and flashing lights). I am new to Reaktor, but am working (at the moment) on using multiple A/B processor macros where i might need more than two MODs on a single block, but then to address the extended number of MOD points with the aid of these visuals. I say this in case it might help you with context and the decision whether this has any relevance for you. In any case, graphics included, as are some skinning tips for using this - all included in the ensemble, with bookmarks etc.

I put this together while working on something else, I hope someone finds a use for it. :-)