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The Master Editor


Modify the behavior of all Instruments in your Multi and access common utility functions through Kontakt's Master Editor.

The Master Editor panel contains a number of global controls that affect the behavior of all Instruments in your Multi, as well as some common utility functions. To display the Master Editor panel, select the Master option in the Workspace menu.

The Master Editor panel contains the following features:

  1. Master Vol: Adjusts the volume of all Output and Aux Channels. The default setting is 0.0 dB, which leaves the output levels unaffected.

  2. Master Tune: Adjusts the master reference tuning from its default value of A4 = 440 Hz. This is especially useful in situations where Kontakt will be combined with the sound of orchestras, historical ensembles, or folk music, which frequently use different reference tunings.

  3. Master Tempo: Displays the current global tempo in beats per minute, as well as sync options and song position controls.

    • Ext: In stand-alone mode, the Ext button allows you to sync Kontakt to an external MIDI clock.If running as a plug-in in your host program, Kontakt will use and follow your song tempo by default. Deactivate the Ext to specify the tempo manually.

    • Tap: The Tap button offers a more intuitive way to adjust the Master Editor tempo. Tap the button rhythmically in quarter note values and Kontakt will measure the time between taps, adjusting the tempo value accordingly. As a plug-in, the Tap button is active only when the Extern Sync. parameter is turned off.

    • Play/Re-wind: The play and re-wind buttons adjust Kontakt’s internal song position. This is necessary for instruments that require song position information, like a drum machine.

    • Tempo: Located below the BPM label, this value affects the playback speed of sliced loops and all time-related controls that can be synchronized to the tempo. In stand-alone mode, adjust the Master Tempo by clicking the value and entering a new one, or by tapping a new tempo using the Tap button.

  4. Metronome: Provides a simple metronome that can be switched on and off at any time by clicking the metronome icon. The value readout allows you to adjust the volume of the metronome click.

  5. Reference Tone: Provides a reference tone that allows you to tune other instruments in accordance to Kontakt’s current reference tuning.

    • On/Off: Activate the reference tone by clicking the tuning fork icon.

    • Pitch: Change the pitch of the reference tone by clicking and dragging on the note readout to the right of the tuning fork.

    • Volume: Adjust the volume of the reference tone by clicking and dragging the Vol readout, or double-clicking the field and entering a value.