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The On-Screen Keyboard


Kontakt's virtual On-Screen Keyboard can be used to play instruments with your mouse. It also provides an overview of an instrument's range and key switches.

Kontakt provides a virtual On-Screen Keyboard that can be used to play instruments with your mouse when a MIDI keyboard is not available.

To display the keyboard:

  • Open the Workspace menu and select Keyboard.

    The keyboard will appear at the bottom of the Rack.

The On-Screen Keyboard contains the following features and controls:

The on screen keyboard, including mapped keys highlighted in blue.
  • Keys: When a key is clicked, the keyboard generates a corresponding note event that will be received by the currently selected Instrument. The note’s velocity is relative to where on the key you click: clicking towards the top of the key will produce notes with a low velocity, and clicking towards the bottom of the key will produce notes with a high velocity.

  • Pitch and Mod: Click + drag the Pitch and Modwheel to generate pitch bend and MIDI CC #1 data respectively.

  • Transposition: Shift the displayed key range up and down in octaves.

  • Key Range: The keyboard uses colors to indicate the key ranges of the current Instrument.

    • Playable Keys: Keys that produce sound are colored blue.

    • Key Switches: Keys that somehow change the instrument’s behavior are colored red.

    • In some libraries, these colors change in order to indicate different things, for example, keyboard splits or different instrument types. This feature provides a quick overview of the Instrument's range, and which keys will switch between different articulations.