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我们卓越的 6 通道音频接口.纯净无暇的音质,最高可达 192 kHz / 24-bit。4 路模拟输入/输出,2 路数字输入/输出,2路耳机输出,MIDI 输入/输出,以及更多接口。
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Audio interfaces are the link between the digital and analog worlds of sound, bridging the gap between your computer and other audio equipment such as speakers, headphones, mixers, instruments, synths, samplers, and much more. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS’ USB audio interfaces are at the cutting edge of the industry, providing musicians, producers, and DJs with a wealth of functionality that’s as at home in the studio as it is on the road.


The audio interface is a foundational tool of most studios, acting as the mediator between computers, instruments, and speakers or headphones. Whether you’re recording guitar, producing electronic music, or podcasting, an audio interface is one of the most essential bits of kit you’ll need.

As with most musical equipment, prices and features can vary, so it’s best to have a really clear idea of what you need before purchasing the best audio interface for your needs. Additionally, understanding how you might expand your studio or digital vinyl system set up in the future can help you to choose the correct audio interface today.



Our audio interfaces are simple to use, connecting to your computer via USB, and phantom-powered with no need for an external power source. This ensures you can just as easily connect a microphone to your USB audio interface as you can a guitar, synth, or turntable.

Audio channels are indicated by the I/O, which stands for input/output. Entry level products have one or two of these, with higher-end audio interface mixer systems offering expanded connectivity and routing. If you’re fine with overdubbing then this isn’t a problem, but if you want to record many instruments at once this could be an issue.

If you want to overdub, it’s important to consider latency – the delay between sound being made and the computer processing it. The lower the latency, the more “‘live”’ a recording playback is. All KOMPLETE KONTROL audio interfaces are designed with ultra-low latency, so overdubbing, performing live, and setting up more complex routings is a breeze.



NATIVE INSTRUMENTS offers three different audio interfaces to give you a huge range of recording options. KOMPLETE AUDIO 1 and KOMPLETE AUDIO 2 give you two channels to record vocals, guitar, and any other line-in sounds you might need on your track.

These USB audio interfaces come with software packages so you can get things up and running quickly including KOMPLETE START, MASCHINE ESSENTIALS, and MONARK. KOMPLETE AUDIO 2 offers a little more flexibility as an audio interface with two combi-XLR/jack inputs.

Completing the current lineup is KOMPLETE AUDIO 6, a premium 6-channel audio interface that comes with all of the same options as our other audio interfaces, plus a load of extras. KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 includes double headphone outputs, individual level controls, 4 ins and 2 outs, plus expanded connectivity for sending MIDI and CV.



For any musician, producer, or DJ who intends to integrate a computer into either studio, stage, or portable DJ setup, USB audio interfaces are foundational pieces of kit that will serve you for a long time. By acting as the mediator between computers, instruments, and headphones, they play a huge part in a wide range of industries from music to film and everything in between.

Whether you’re recording multiple instruments at once, or building layers of overdubs, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS audio interfaces offer award-winning design and functionality to act as the bridge between live performance and cold data. Our products offer pristine sound, flexible connectivity, and music production software to get you recording right out of the box.

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