Bento 16 STEPS X 4

A full-featured step sequencer designed for complexity

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v.1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
August 08, 2017
Reaktor 6
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Before I explain this block, I want everyone to know how much time I spent designing it. It has been my project for almost 5 months now. I have done nothing else in Reaktor. I am releasing it free to the community but I would love to see some kind of return on my investment.

Please click this link to donate: paypal.me/outsomn/5/

The asking donation is 5 dollars but if you don't want to give that much please consider a lower amount. 10 cents from someone would still mean a lot. I made this out of my passion for Reaktor and would very much like to see something in return. Thank you all for taking the time to explore this block.

I would like to thank all the beta testers for their help:
Brett Lavallee, sorry your snapshots did not make it into this version. the design has changed so much since I asked you, that they no longer work. But again, thank you.
D. Vyd: thank you for all of your insightful questions and dedication to the project. I really appreciate how much time you put into testing this.

Also Michael Hetrick and Jonathan Tremblay. I really appreciate your testing as well.

I have included a brief example so you can see specifically how it functions.

Bento 16 Steps x 4 is a modded sequencer that blends the Bento 8 Steps Sequencer setup with some of the data management style of the Bento 4Mods modulation sequencer. It is a full-featured step sequencer designed for large scale song design. Bento 16 STEPS x 4 extends the 8 step paradigm to 16 Steps but offers the ability for those different patterns to have different channels (1-16) can be configured and sequenced in any order, allowing users to construct very long and complex patterns. Options related to this option are available under the SEQUENCER panel. Whats more, the global sequence can be played back in varying directions (similar to how specific channels can be played back) and in relation to a step length up to 16 bars long.

In addition to the Pitch, Slide, Velocity and Gate outputs, of the original Bento sequencer, it features Probability, Hold and Roll. For a more indepth description of these three new features, click a knob of that function group.

These different modes are selected using the drop-down menu next each track inside the PARAMETERS panel. Each option will bring up a different sequence of values.

Gates are handled in the same way as its predecessor.

For simplicity sake, Mod A/B modulation has been removed. Instead, several parameters can be modulated directly from this block's input port. PATTERN, DIRECTION, FREEZE, LENGTH OF FREEZE, STEP LENGTH AND OFFSET all can be modulated in this fashion. In order to do so, press MOD, found inside the SETTINGS panel.

The DIRECTION control allows you change the playback behaviour of the sequencer, from playback in different directions to random playback. Furthermore, the STEPS and OFFSET controls let you define the length and position of the sequence, making it possible to create many variations of the same sequence by only changing two parameters.

This block also supports synchronization between two or more iterations of this block. With one version action as the Master and one acting as the Slave. Simply connect SReset on the Master to Reset on the Slave and SPos on the Master block to Pattern on the Slave. The you will need to make sure the MOD option is selected for the PATTERN knob. This will synchronize both block.

For the user's convienence all parameters can be reset to zero by hitting INIT.

GATES AND PARAMETERS can be muted by pressing M on either side of sequencer inside the GATES and PARAMETERS panels. Left of the sequence is for PARAMETERS and Right is for muting the gates.

Each Track outputs Gate, Pitch and a selectable CV source. Typically the CV out for each track is best used as velocity but length, probability, slide, hold and roll are options as well. These can be changed inside the SETTINGS panel.
In order to sync two instances of Bento 16 x 4:
1. Connect the master instance’s SReset output to the Slave Instances’ Reset input.
2. Connect Master’s SPos output to the Slave Instances’ input.
3. Click SETTINGS tab in the slave instance and Turn on MOD.
4. A Grey asterisk will appear next to the PATTERN KNOB, click that.
5. The two sequencers will now be in sync!

Created by Joey Valizan


jan horky
6 months ago
Hi Joey, thank you a lot for this wonderful sequencer, I especially like the way one can creatively use the patterns to build scenes - this I haven’t seen in any other sequencer. I am thinking of simplifying the Bento16STEPSX4 to output gates only and possibly creating a touch OSC communication to control it over ipad. I have few questions which you might be able to answer: Do you think it is possible to setup communication of Bento16STEPSx4 with TouchOSC? Is it somehow possible to get all “patterns” into an array of OSC values and send via OSC to TouchOSC and after modifying some gate triggers in TouchOSC sending back to reaktor? Would you be interested in this project? Thanks a lot again for this wonderful patch and I hope people will use it to make some cool music.
Jonathan Tremblay
7 months ago
For some reason I find some issues with channel 1's gates. doing a simple 4/4 kick pattern doesn't trigger properly, but it does so on channels 2,3,4.
Oliver Kennard
1 year ago
This is a fantastic block, can see how useful this will be in making ensembles. I have a quick question, can you change the pitch octave per step, as couldn't find a way to do this. If not, then being able to span more than one octave of pitch per step would be a really useful addition I believe.
1 year ago
D Vyd
2 years ago
Hi Joey. I'm just getting around to playing with the finished product and am really impressed. You packed a lot of power into a single block! Am I correct in understanding that a user can enter data for all parameters for each track but then must choose a single parameter to output per track as CV? If so, perhaps you might be able to output 1CV1, 1CV2, 1CV3, 1CV4, 2CV1, etc? Your interface seems to provide more power than the output permits.
Demetriades Panos
2 years ago
very similar to varigate4 and much more
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Olivio, that is great idea but unfortunately it wouldn't work with the global sequencer that ties multiple patterns together. A single, fixed gate is needed to time this process. I suppose a version without the global sequencer could be made with 4 individual gate inputs but that's a lot of work. If something you are interested I can make you a special version at a cost. The good news is that there is a solution to your need right now: simply add another instance of bento 16x4 and slave it to your original. Just follow the instructions I included in the zip. Once you do that, simple connect the clock div gate to the slave. I tried this yesterday and it worked well. But it might be a little overkill.
Olivio Sarikas
2 years ago
Really nice - but could you please make it so there is a gate in for every line. it would make this really really useful, because we could change the speed on the fly with the clock devider
Lee Hume
2 years ago
wow... what an amazing seq! thank you
Christopher Stevens
2 years ago
Thanks for this! I love the compact yet extensive design. I was going to prepare a very large setup with the existing blocks. This helps simplify.
Vagelis M
2 years ago
Yes please:D for me is the best to see ensembles that doesn't take much space on screen, but they re"small and very effective"..also your granular ensembles for realtime processing are some of the best for the moment..maybe next a granular sampler ?
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Thank you so much! I have been bogged down with this thing for a bunch of months. Now that's off my plate, I'd like to do a few more updates, maybe make a single track version -- like a mini-block version 1/4 the size that is self-stackable and then maybe get back working with granular synthesis.
Vagelis M
2 years ago
Happy that i see more styff coming from you ! excellent seq!
Kurt Uenala
2 years ago
Fantastic Seq. Works beautifully!
Klas Linder
2 years ago
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Thank you!
David Coffin
2 years ago
Fantastic; earned my fiver:)
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago
By the beard of Zeus, it is completed!!!
Jyrki Väisänen
2 years ago
Sorry, I was seeing the B view. Works fine now, have to delve deeper.
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Where are you finding bugs?
Jyrki Väisänen
2 years ago
This is a great tool in description, very much an answer to many dreams. Yet, the interface at the moment is buggy.