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v2.4 beta incl. all old uploads (Updated 2 years ago)
October 19, 2017
Reaktor 6


2.3: all kodiak mods got a probability shape, added auro-random and external random to the pitch sequencer, for more info see patchnotes please

The Concept:
Clock -> Eucledean -> Kodiak Sequencer -> Clock-modulation
The Kodiak Sequencer got 2 new sequencer lanes. These 2 lanes are connected to the A/B Modulation of the Clock and Euclid (A/B Mod on the left side).
So if you set the A/B modulations correctly you can sequence the Steplength and Timesignature (triplets etc) of each Step!

Normally the Kodiak Sequencers are calculating the base gate time length based on the duration of the last step being played. this can cause problems, if you modulate the Clockspeed. The gate length would always be "one step behind". So the clock is now calculating how long each modulated step would be and is sending this gate lentgh to the Kodiak, which can now generate perfect following modulated gate lengths.
This can be f*cked/spiced up by the eucledean. so if you want every gate lentgh on point, disable the Eucledean!

You will find a additional pitch output, which outputs a scale corrected Pitch external base input. this is dedicated to feed a chord generator or pitch. based effects like the Kodiak Morph Filter.

What else is new in 2.0?
added Buttons and Knobs for all hidden options, already implemented by NI:
- different Slide algortihms and trigger modes
- Pitch handling
- Velocity handling

i have not activated the Kodiaks internal Scale Correction (made by NI), since Scale Pro provides Presets for Scales!

Colour Mod:
-you can edit nearly every colour. just hit the edit Button and lots of new edit buttons will show up, which opens each a complete new window with lots of knobs/buttons.
-added Macro knobs to edit all Sequencer lane colours at once
-added a on/off switchable background shimmer

Known Bugs:
Scale Pro Custom Preset doesnt work sometimes, this bug is already implemented in the original upload. my changes forced it a bit and i already spend several hours trying to fix it. but no success.

Thanks to S. Anagram and everybody else who worked on the eucild stuff!


there is not much to say:
RScalePro implemeted inside the Core of The Kodiak Shift Seqencer

Have some Fun with the Random "All" button now ;)

Thanks to Matthias Schaffner for his double Kodiak Sequencer (View B contains a Kodiak Curve Sequencer)
Thanks to Zhaonan Zeng for ScalePro

You can find a Example Ensemble in the upload "Psydiak"

Update V1.9
Slave mode. just hook up another sequencer as master (pitch input) and the scale pro will output the scale corrected input signal too (beside the generated sequence of the kodiak seq.)
this is very helpful, if you want to pitch a morph filter correctly (or maybe wanna use it as base note for chords)

Colour mod.
runs pretty stable for me now, so i have removed it from the test area and will continue here


-added a Pitch Min Max Limiter
2 modes:
-Keep last note if the actual note is outer min/max range
-transpose the signal by up to +/- 9 octaves if needed (so you can use this for easy transposing too)
-lots of new tooltips
-transpose outputs of kodiak pitch and scale corrected base pitch by +/- 3 Octaves
-lot of tiny things, fine tuning

update 2.0b:
removed midi out, please use the Midi Out Block from NI
3 more bugfixes

Update 2.1:
Kodiak Drum Probability Mod based on 4 velocity lines.
same setup like the pitch sequencer. but here is only the Mod A modulation lane left (that one controlling clock+euclid internal).
one special thing... the Hold Lane is still working like in the pitch sequencer, strechting the gate output of all other lanes! this is a bit unusual for drums, but i have decided to use the hold for the openen hihat, and that works pretty well. maybe you want it for the kick? keep that in mind please. if you need strictly short triggers, keep all hold steps deactivated. just dont use the hold lane.

on the left side of the sequencer lanes you will find a min max filter for all 4 velocity lanes. on the left side of the double fader you can edit the min and on the right the max. these steps will be filtered out (in combination with random is it working like a probability based block).
- added a auto random mode switch for each lane. options: off, on internal reset (loopstart), or external.
- each lane got an external input for remote resets
- reactivated 3 more knobs of the eucledean, since the (external) velocity makes sense here.
- each vel lane got a switch for internal/external(Eucledeans) velocity.
this means you can use the velocity of Euceldean and use the kodiaks velocity just for probability setting.

Update 2.1b:
-some fixes
-gui tweaks on drum kodiak
-Midi out for drum kodiak. tested in bitwig with 2 devices. no problems here.
-added a on/off switch

-some fixes to drumprob kodiak

new sequencer containing 7 gate lines.
-i kept the hold lane again, since randomly muting other steps is pretty effective on drum patterns
-no velocity modes, euclids velocity is used on all steps
-clear and simple setup

Update 2.3:
-All 3 Kodiak mods got a random probability shaping curve function. this was already done by NI and again i just had to activate the well prepared macro. (test it, it works like a dream! thanks again to the person(s) @NI who builded the kodiak shift seq)
-added automatic and external trigger random mode to the pitch sequencer too
-added internal/external (eucledean) velocity mode to the pitch sequencer too
-some fixes to all devices
-Gui tweaks
-rotated the small instrument picture by 90°. the mods take less space while wiring now.

Added first "Bright" Mod.
the bright mod contains only features already made by NI. i have only designed the buttons and activated the features. no fancy clocks or overloaded stuff. almost vanilla. but a nice scale correction with presets (made by NI too)!

added a example with lots of comments for the melody shift mod and found a bug...

-2.3e fixes the reset problem on slower clocks in all 3 devices

-added another example (incl a Dannenberg mod)
-inside the dannenberg file you will find a shift seq mod 2.3f that takes less GUI performace because i have deleted lot of gui mod thingies.

thx to Chet Singer for the Dannenberg OSC

-2.4 Beta
shift melody sequencer got a new Scaler (deleted Scale Pro and activated the internal made by NI)
GUI part looks not good. but you can save selfmade scales.
no base note scale correcting anymore.
you will find it in an ensemble called something 2.4 beta.


Jonathan Tremblay
2 years ago
Still such a powerhouse!
marco vicari
2 years ago
i think i need a manual :/
Arthur Labitzke
2 years ago
All I EVER needed! Thx so much!
2 years ago
Is auro random golden or auto?
2 years ago
Geil Olli!
Víctor Bernardino de Castro
2 years ago
Canelita ;)
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
very nice, and the example with Dannenberg stuff is cool too.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
kk, added a new running example. inculdes a Dannenberg OSC mod. look for Dannenberg in filename. that example Ensemble contains the latest Kodiak Shift Seq mod 2.3f which has less GUI options and takes less GUI performance. have fun
Thala Estra
2 years ago
and maybe read the other comments. i did a tutorial setup for Emm@ Em which is included
Thala Estra
2 years ago
Hey Phil, it is just a block. handle it like any blocks. pick gates and pitches and connect them with your favourite blocks. sorry for the late answer, we creators don`t get any messages by the upload system if someone replies :(
Phil Price
2 years ago
I love the idea of this and want to use it in my compositions but I am really struggling with it, mostly due to my own inept abilities. Is there a tutorial or video that I can be pointed to?
Alex Smith
2 years ago
This KILLS! Thx Thala!!!
Thala Estra
2 years ago
sorry for the late answer! just pick the official NI Midi out block. or activate the midi macro next to the kodiak seqencers core. but to be honest: i haven`t implemented it, because all the nice Gilde won`t be transfered via Midi! i had mediocore success doing it. the magic of this block really comes to shine in a modulated Block setup.
Valentin Gzom
2 years ago
Hello) but is there any possibility of doing such a module with midi output that would manage the external modules?)
Emm@ Em
2 years ago
Fantastic. This is making so much sense, and quickly. Just seeing your connection logic, even before reading your extremely helpful comments (thank you) was insightful. This is deeply engaging. Love it. 5 thumbs up.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
i have added a example with a lot of comments written inside the structure. the comments are trying to teach very basic setups. hope this helps a bit to get started. basicly the kodiak shift mod is still the same like before. you can chain (master->slave) the original kodiaks as well. try to see the master slave setup like an midi-keyboard what is acting on a arpeggiator. if you now play a chord on the keyboard, the arpeggiator will ride on your played chord. the master kodiak is the played midichord, and the slave kodiak is riding on the master sequence like a arp does on your chord. same principle. but here you can put slaves in serial or use them parallel. even more than two... or use 2 slaves parallel to feed a black adder for example. you can generate as many voices/sequences from one master as your system can go.
Brett Lavallee
2 years ago
yo.. whoah.. awesome
Emm@ Em
2 years ago
Hi Thala, some lovely work thank you. Would you mind please uploading an example ensemble - I have downloaded Psydiak as suggested, however you list this as Melody v2.3d + Drum 4 Velo 2.3d + Drum 7 gates, but even from your description and playing with Psydiak I haven't yet quite grasped a logic to making the most out of these - including master/slave long melodies. I think an example ensemble would be very helpful please - maybe with 5 or 6 snapshots only to kick start users? And thanks. :-)
Thala Estra
2 years ago
i don`t have any idea, Paule. check your mails please ;) if you have used more than 1 kodiak sequencer, they are maybe fighting for the midi? in the mean time i have removed the option again, and fixed 2 other things. just use the midi out block instead. i have just played a bit around with midi and don`t like it at all. missing the nice glide :) upload will follow soon
2 years ago
If I mute the MIDI out the ensemble run clean without overflow on 88,5%. If not it don't start. Why use a MIDI out 12% cpu? I'm on pc with 64 GB ram.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
... velocity of the slave eucledean...
Thala Estra
2 years ago
thanks for the kind words. the master/slave setup of two of them is a great playground for long melodies. you can even end sequences, if you take the Mod A output of the master and modulate the velocity of the euclid to zero :)
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Thanks @Thala. Been using 2.0 ensemble. Its a little beyond great! much appreciated.
Thala Estra
2 years ago
totally forgot to activate the Midi out, Greg. sorry, here it is :)
Thala Estra
2 years ago
its all in progress, Greg :) basicly the Psydiak setup and much more. send the base note out to a chord generator. gimme some time and let me fix some things and save some cpu cycles. firstly this pre version is dedicated to play around with the User interface colours.
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Thank you! What would be the best way to hook this up to a synth ensemble?
Thala Estra
2 years ago
hey, hit the Edit button. lots of new edit buttons will come up. there you will find a lot of knobs and buttons. i just want some nice designs, so turn some knobs and save snapshots if you like your colour setup. this version is dedicated for darker designs (white letters). i will open a thread to collect snapshots. Bank 1 + 2 contains snaps from the older version, maybe use one as starting base? whatever YOU guys like. :)
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
what do you need exactly, looking for help on GUI styles ? How would we do that ?
Omar Misa
2 years ago
Splendid marriage!
D Vyd
2 years ago
Sounds great & a lot of fun.
heinrich zwahlen
2 years ago
great, scalepro is very useful addition!
3 years ago
Thanks, Thala
Bob Swans
3 years ago