CirrusRack (beta mk v.1)

Rackified version of a FM-Layered Granulizer

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(beta mk v.1) (Updated 2 years ago)
April 10, 2020
Reaktor 6
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This plugin requires Toy Box Audio's Free Pack, Sampling Pack, Designer Pack and Synth Pack. I have explained why below. I apologize for the confusion.

After listening to David's advice and then basically rebuilding this patch, we now have something that is far more stable and CPU friendly.

I have implemented a Macro Preset block to control some knobs and help you all create presets of your own. This block always has a Transpose Block in it, which allows for detuning of individual grains and also always you to use scales to play the oscillators.

I have tried my best to color code the wires also to help you understand where things are going:

Modular Cables:
Gate (Mono) = Red
Pitch (Mono) = Purple
Gate (Poly) = Orange
Pitch (Poly) = Pink
Poly = Green

Preset Cables:
A = Green
B = Orange
C = Pink
D = Purple
E = Red
F = Yellow
G = Presets
H = Blue

Again, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or make suggestions. Future versions will include presets.

AS I feared, the bug is caused by what I believe an event order issue. If you turn off the power and turn it back on, you'll see it work. A short delay will have to be placed in front of a certain set of pitches and gates outputs to control the order of reception.
I just downloaded the version I posted and it seems that the pitch is not changing with MIDI input. My apologies for this but it was working fine when I uploaded it. I need to do some research but I think I know the source of the problem.

A demo is on its way, as much as I enjoy sound design. I want an actual musician to do it justice.

This is essentially a rackified version of the style of granulators that I have been posting for years. Special thanks to David Xavier for the blocks needed to make this, Colin Brown for creating the concept of block polyphony, and Tim Exile for providing the grain envelope macros, and the concepts that made all of these works possible. This is a 5-voice granular-subtractive-FM hybrid synthesizer. It works by using a Bento Oscillator to generate a bi pulse that is converted into an impulse and distributes small enveloped (filter and amplitude modulated) grains. These grains are capable of individually detunes and is driven by the MIDI pitch and a Bento LFO (synced to each grain). The occurrence of sound is a little different than your typical synthesizers. The amplitude of the output is not contolled by an envelope but instead the probability of each grain is modulated by an envelope. This behaves slighty different and add a certain less of chaos to each sound. This is a very experimental rack that has taken years of research on my part to understand. I am providing this free of charge. However, it does require the majority of Toy Audio Box bundles (everything but the Floor Shaker bundle). This was necessary to create the polyphony and roll generation needed for this project. There will be several updates. I am attempting to find the most efficient way to add presets without adding too much CPU power. As for CPU power, my old ass intel i7 chip runs it at 48-50% load, but it does vary when notes are played. This voice load could go down or up if I could find a way to reduce voice #s in rack form. You can, of course, convert it to an . Ens and play with it as you like.

Again, I would like to stress that this was a lot of work to develop, concept-wise. If you feel inclined, please consider donating to my Paypal here:


I do understand that it is an insane time so don't feel inclined if you can't. I want to thank you all for your educational support over the years. As frustrating as being a Reaktor user can be, I do consider you all family.


Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Not in this form. With a lot of changes, I could make a rack that could work to receive incoming sound. Grains can be constructed by using an input sound received and looped by either a delay or another granulizer. This could be enveloped and used to create a Cloud. Just like you would hear here if you had the plugins. It is possible.
Jan Heinke
2 years ago
Hey Joey, would it work as an audio fx too?
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
I have updated the description. I am unsure why I'm being down voted on the quality of this patch, especially without any real critique. Yes, it is CPU heavy and it does require alot of paid plugins but I am at a total loss on how to resolve this situation in the current state of Reaktor. These issues are not my help and it appears that my hard work is suffering for it. Would the community just stop sharing anything? I have plans to release a sizeable bundle of blocks on the near future. Maybe I should scrap that idea and distribute them privately or for money?
2 years ago
it is OK and also welcome to have patches here including paid blocks along with the free ones. but maybe it d be a good idea if you point out right at the beginning of your description that it requires this and that. :)
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Whoever you are, your beef is not with me. My understanding of polyphony didn't exist when it was first introduced in blocks by Colin. It does now, but it's behind a pay wall. I will not post something that undermines a paid project. Your problems here are personal and with another party. They have nothing to do with me so please refrain from trolling my work.
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Actually it is, unfortunately not everything in this world is free. The work done is impossible without polyphony. I guess I should have kept my designs to my self. You have a nice day, Petty. Pun intended.
Petty Vendetta
2 years ago
Does we really gots to buy the sampling pack and the synth pack? That's really not the point of the user library, izzit?
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Please go here for any ongoing discussion: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/cirrus-rack-troubleshooting-discussion-thread.384279/
Joey Valizan
2 years ago
Please feel free to make changes and contact me. Suggestions are very helpful too!