DotCom 44 Modular

Tribute to modular systems

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Chet Singer
3.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 21, 2009


I’ve always admired classically-styled modular instruments, particularly the ones sold by But my aversion to having to tear apart a cool-sounding patch to create the next one ensures that I’m unlikely to ever buy a true patchable analog modular.

So, here’s a modular synthesizer for Reaktor, based on modules available from It’s designed to fit in a 44-module walnut cabinet. A few of the modules are modified or enhanced to suit my whims. The modules included are:

1 MIDI Interface
1 Slew Limiter
1 Noise Source
6 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
3 Voltage-Controlled Filters
2 8-Input Mixers
1 Sample/Hold
2 Control Voltage Processors
3 Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers
3 ADSR Envelope Generators
1 Fixed Filter Bank
1 Voltage-Controlled Pan/Xfade
1 Ring Modulator
1 Shaper
1 Voltage-Controlled Delay
1 Oscilloscope/Voltmeter
1 Stereo Output Mixer
1 Stereo Output Chorus

Module inputs are visualized as drop-down menus which display the available module outputs. Modules don’t consume CPU cycles unless actually used.

The operating voltages mimic modules. For example, oscillator outputs swing between +5 and -5 volts, and envelope generator peak voltages are +5 volts.

There are no LFOs. In the style of instruments, oscillators double as LFOs.

Playing modes include polyphonic, monophonic legato, and monophonic retrigger. Monophonic and polyphonic portamento are built into the pitch controller.

Four assignable MIDI busses are included.

Two extra mod matrix outputs are available (labeled Extra1 and Extra2) so that two additional modules can be added to the system without having to modify the mod matrix.

V2 update: I've connected the pitch wheel, which wasn't wired up. If you want to fix this without downloading the update, go to the "Inputs" macro and draw a wire between the pitch wheel multiplier and the adder to the right of it.

V3 update: The instrument now has a wonderful new skin created by Jonathan Style. The internal circuitry is unchanged, so existing snapshots can be loaded into this version with no issues.


Lars Bo Hermansen 2 months ago
Good koncept. Just the way one could imagine it should be. But the snaps dispoint. Hope there are more under the hood. Would have benn nice with a few killer snaps to get startet. Thanks.
Oli Ni 3 months ago
Great synth, limitless possibilities, great for beginners to experiments with modular synths. Only downside is the filter area which isn't much represented (one fixed filter bank). I guess we can use the extra 1/2 inputs to plug in an external filter though.
Donald Baynes 2 years ago
thank you
CC lines of the acid 2 years ago
Large , modular , cold . Great job .
Chet Singer 2 years ago
Hi, Doss, and thanks for the comments. The mixers are actually 8-input mixers, and inputs 4 and 8 don't have knobs. Their architecture matches the 8-input mixer offered on Arrick synthesizers at
Doss Shropshire 2 years ago
really like this modular - it's super logically laid out and sounds good. I was curious though, in the mixer 1 and 2 labels it would appear the second column knobs indicate input 5,6 and7. Should these be input 4, 5 and 6 for those 3 corresponding oscillators? There is obviously a LOT of meticulous work on this synth - thank you for sharing.
Ken Pierce III 2 years ago
this Looks amazing. can't wait to try it out.
Ben Allen 2 years ago
one of the best still. tie this baby to a monoline sequencer and you're in it.
Matt Pearce 3 years ago
Wow! This is just wonderful. Thanks!
Sandy Small 3 years ago
After a bit more tinkering, I've come up with sort of a half-assed solution re: the peak EQs--I changed the core cells' F inputs from Audio to Event and inserted an event smoother with a transition time of 3ms before them.
Sandy Small 3 years ago
Needles to say, this is a superb piece of work. There are a few issues I should point out though--with a filter set to 2-pole LP/BP/HP or or any of the peak EQs, modulating the cutoff frequency with an audio rate signal results in an NAN error followed by processor overload. Swapping out the SV C filters for SV T filters (and scaling back the resonance slightly--I multiplied it by 0.98) takes care of the 2-pole filters and sounds essentially identical. I haven't found a satisfactory solution for the EQs, and I don't have nearly the DSP knowledge to fix it; however the problem seems to be occurring in the little feedback loop in the IIR stage. (Also, 'Fixed Filter Bank' has a typo)
Leslie Bayne 4 years ago
Richard Bull 4 years ago
Oh WOW. Brilliant work. Brass sounds are ace...and the rest...:)
Jesse Juup 4 years ago
Very nice! Big thank you!
Neil Baxter 4 years ago
This is a beautiful instrument, thank you.
Sven Kretzschmar 4 years ago
Damned dreamily !!! I make with this Synth all my Ambient_Soundscapes. 1000 Thanxs Sven:))
Clinton LeFort 4 years ago
Thanks. I don't know what to say. Thanks for sharing your work. Clint LeFort
Scott Johnson 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing this!
Neil Austin 5 years ago
YIKES! That's one intimidating looking bugger.. downloading now :)
Steve Brenner 5 years ago
Wow And i just ordered real modules from
Robert Gage-Smith 5 years ago
Incredible job - well done!
Shai Levy 5 years ago
found it through Bernd's snaps. amazing piece of work. thank you for sharing
Bernd Keil 5 years ago
Okay Chet, I made some presets for DotCom 44 and load up.
rick scott 5 years ago
David Waldman 5 years ago
I also just soiled Tom Cunliffe with joy. *wipes Tom off*
Chet Singer 5 years ago
Yes, it is. The Wall was too big for me to have fun with, so I wanted to shrink it and focus on a theme. And since the stuff always appealed to me, I decided to focus on that.
Bernd Keil 5 years ago
Is this ensemble the further development of 'The Wall'? Great!
Christopher Soulos 5 years ago
I just fell of the toilet seat laughing at the last comment. This synth is completely BS free! And an old minimoog love like me just can't praise enough. EXCELLENT
Tom Cunliffe 5 years ago
holy f*ck!!! I just soiled myself with joy...
Don Dailey 5 years ago
buttons and knobs, oh my! Thanks for this beast. It's worth the price of admission for the Glidy Oboe snap alone!!! I'm gonna have to set aside along weekend to play with this!
Pascal Ssantoni 5 years ago
i love it, thanks !!!
David Waldman 5 years ago
In FM hell, no one can hear you giggle like a leedel school gurrrrl.
Jonathan Style 5 years ago
very very interesting.
sandro amatucci 5 years ago
supersynth, great, synthastic ! thank you !!
Dieter Zobel 5 years ago
eric le guenan 5 years ago
same as the Synthlord D's synth PolyAdd I can't use it cause my computer is tow low sorry =(, it's time to change ^^. Look's so great.
josh hinden 5 years ago
"But my aversion to having to tear apart a cool-sounding patch to create the next one ensures that I’m unlikely to ever buy a true patchable analog modular." But thats the fun part! ;) Just kiddin' This looks very fun...thanks
David Waldman 5 years ago
You are a very SICK man, Chet. I shall now make you a sammiches.
David Waldman 5 years ago
HOLY SHIT *downloads*