Tyme Sefa

delay/loop toy

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Dieter Zobel
2.0 ( Updated   4 years ago )
January 20, 2011
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neue version auf wunsch eines einzelnen herrn


Jon Poteet
2 years ago
I use this all the time! Very nice!
Felix Petrescu
2 years ago
so good ! 10/10 for me ! thanks. maybe we will see 3.0 someday.
Dennis Harms
3 years ago
Excellent ensemble! Thanks!
Jim Hurley
4 years ago
Dieter, you are one strange dude!
Graham Street
4 years ago
Excellent! Thanks.
Bagnoud Hervé
4 years ago
great ! (:
Stefan Knauthe
4 years ago
Haha...fantastic...! I used the old version anyway, but the input makes it even better. Thank you Dieter...!
Paule Amca
4 years ago
Danke, Herr Zobel!
Donovan Stringer
4 years ago
Herr Zobel!